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NOW TV not properly supported

I went & bought a pass for sport on NOW TV but have since found out it's not supported on my youview box. What's the point of claiming to have NOW TV available on the box when you block all but one of the passes (cinema). I can see no technical reason for this, so I assume you are just being a bunch of awkward so & so's! (to put it politely) I now have a NOW TV box & will probably dump the youview subscription when it expires.

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Re: NOW TV not properly supported

There is no reason techincally and in fact BT have now agreed with Sky so Now TV in the near future will be available on BT Youview.  In return i believe BT have given Sky wholesale access to BT Sport

It was more about the politics between the two companies.  So there we have it.


The above is what I have read, i am sure someone else will be along to correct or confim.

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Re: NOW TV not properly supported

I haven't heard anything about this for a while, I wonder if it's still happening. I do hope so😀
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Re: NOW TV not properly supported


As @wenklaw  has indicated, BT and Sky have done a deal where BT Youview will have the full Now TV access and Sky get better access to BT Sport channels........... I think after years of hating one another and making things as difficult as possible, they now realise they have to work closer together as everyone tries to fight against the increasing competition.

The BT and Sky deal was announced quite a while ago, but it has been some time since there was much of an update, I think it might have been suggested that the full Now TV experience on BT Youview could be in place prior to the 2019/2020 Football season??????  Hence, maybe there could be more news on this coming soon or maybe it's been delayed...... I think a lot of folk are just waiting until more news is known.

Another thing that was announced about Now TV going forward on BT Youview, was that you would be able to record programmes.

Hopefully we'll all know more soon.

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Re: NOW TV not properly supported

I would have thought one technical reason that  Youview and Sky only lauched Now Tv app with movies on demand is the work requirred to provide a live channel stream.  You would  need a live  stream  for  live sports events and  many license rights  for providing catch  up (entertainment)  programmes used to require that they were originally broadcast on the relevent channel on the device.

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Re: NOW TV not properly supported

But BT has never claimed to provide the full Now TV service, so the fact is you failed to properly research this before you bought your pass. As others have said, this is due to change with speculation that this will be prior to the 2019/20 Premier League season.
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Re: NOW TV not properly supported

It used to be supported but Sky dropped support, not Youview and not BT, now you can only have on demand content which is Sky Cinema only, live content available through Entertainment or Sky Sports passes are not supported.

If I remember rightly it was down to cost, Sky had requested Youview make changes as Sky claimed supporting the Youview platform was costing them £250k per year, after the second year and Youview failed to accommodate Sky they dropped it completely and has remained that way ever since, although this will change later in the year.

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