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NTE5c MK2 Sockets

My property was built around 1997 and has one of the BT master sockets in the hallway which has the detachable front cover to allow a test from the socket behind it, I don't know the model number. I have purchased 2 x NTE5cMK2 sockets with a view to replacing the existing master socket and installing an extension upstairs so that I can have a phone plugged in both upstairs and down stairs and be able to site the BTHub4 either upstairs or downstairs so that I can eliminate the plugin ADSL filters which I currently have to use. (The reason for the flexibility is when working from home I have a phone from work which plugs into the rear of the hub!)

Is it OK to use the 2 sockets, one as the master and the other as an extension or will it cause problems? Any guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Re: NTE5c MK2 Sockets


The extension connection on the main master socket would not have broadband on it, so you will need to wire the extension to the data terminals on the back of the facplate. That also has the phone connection as well, so if you wire that to your other NTE, it should work fine. I assume you have the MK4 faceplates fitted?

Its not really ideal, but it should work.


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Re: NTE5c MK2 Sockets

Thank you for your prompt advice I will let you know how I get on.

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