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Need Help.

I am chronic sick/disabled, I rely on my service a very lot.  I am registered as a special needs with BT, I also have on my line, Careline, so it is very important that my services keep running.  Anyway, last week I got an email from BT, about my tv running out and the discount I get would  run out in December, it invited me, even though I am on an old tv package, to renew it.  I telephoned up, and eventually got a person, that if I re contract, I could just pay the discounted price if my tv for £17 a month for the duration of the 2 years, so I agreed.  When I checked with another agent later, I was told I could not have that tv package at £17 a month, but it would go up to £25, so I told them to cancel my agreement and put it back to as it was before.  Well what a night mare I am in with BT.  When they tried to put me back, instead of the 700 min calling plan I was on before, they put me on pay as you go, I telephoned up about this, asked to be put on 700 min, but they put me on 500 min, telephoned up about this, I was eventually put on the 700 min.  When my bill was produced, it was a total mess, they had charged me some money for the 500 min, which I did not request, then I was charged twice for the 700 min, and also charged for other things I should have not, anyway, they credited back Money for the over charging etc.  I thought that was the  end of the problem, then this week an order came through, which I had not placed, so I telephoned them up, told them I had not placed this order, was told it was too late to stop, so had told them the following day to cancel this order, and put it back as it was.  I eventually found out, I think this order was to put things back, which the agent did not recognise.  Then on Thursday, when I checked my online account, it says this:  “

Your account has been closed

You can still view your account details and previous bills.”
I am worried with all this, it has made me more ill, the agents don’t know why proper, my account says this, even though my services are currently running.  I am worried if they stop, I am housebound, shop online, need the phone a lot etc.  A manager telephoned me up on Friday while I was in bed, when I telephoned back, I was told he would ring me up later in the day, kept the phone near me, even when I went back bed, as being ill, I don’t sleep much, and guess what?  No call back later on Friday.  Please sort out this complete mess, you can read my complaint, if you are from BT, on my account.😢
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Re: Need Help.

Hi @Tezz,

Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry you've had such a bad experience lately. I'll be happy to look at this and put things right for you. I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch.



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Re: Need Help.

Thank you for your reply.  I have sent you a PM.🙂

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