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Need help (VDSL Line)

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Hi Guys,

Ive had a fault ticket in for 4 days with no update so i'll post in here if thats ok.

My Infinity 2 line has lost sync from 79999, to 72000 to 62851. I also get some buzz / hum noise on quiet line test.

Stats: HH5 (had to reboot last night as things very slow)

1. Product name: BT Home Hub
2. Serial number: +068343+NQ35029973
3. Firmware version: Software version (Type A) Last updated 18/08/18
4. Board version: BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime: 0 days, 09:49:29
6. Data rate: 20000 / 62851
7. Maximum data rate: 26101 / 72589
8. Noise margin: 9.5 / 6.0
9. Line attenuation: 12.0 / 13.5
10. Signal attenuation: 11.9 / 13.5
11. Data sent/received: 56.0 MB / 1.2 GB
12. Broadband username:
13. BT Wi-fi: Yes
22. Firewall: Default
24. Modulation: G.993.2 Annex B
25. Software variant: AA
26. Boot loader: 1.0.0

Screenshot from 2018-12-19 08-44-23.png

Does this show that the local cabinet has issues?

Thanks in advance..

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Re: Need help (VDSL Line)

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Welcome to this user forum.

If there is noise on the line, then you need to report it as  a noisy line. Do not mention the broadband problem, otherwise it will end up in the wrong fault queue, and take much longer to be fixed. There are plenty of people who can fix phone faults, but not as many broadband people.

Once the phone fault is fixed, then the broadband will get better.

You need to eliminate any possible issues with your own internal wiring, by connecting things up as shown below, and see if the noise is still there.


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Re: Need help (VDSL Line)

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Have you tried connecting the Hub to the test socket, to eliminate any internal wiring fault?

I see @Keith_Beddoe beat me to it, but try the test socket first before reporting the fault.

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