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Need help with Ultra HD package upgrade - chat hung up on me!

After 90 minutes on the phone yesterday morning - most of them on hold - and after speaking to 3 different people I thought I had this sorted but it would seem not according to the email I just received.


To try to cut a long story short, when I signed up I wanted to take the Ultra HD Total Entertainment pack, however the line speed checker severely underestimated my guaranteed fibre speed to be below the minimum required for Ultra HD so it wouldn't let me order it.  I've had fibre here before so I knew the line was more than capable and as it turned out I was correct, I get the full 52Mb, in fact the line syncs at around 55/56Mb.


I was told I could upgrade the order when the line speed was established.


I tried to do this on online, but was surprised to be asked to commit to 24 months and to pay £49.95 for the box.


So I got on the phone to query this and eventually I was put through to the helpful "Steven" in the policy department who arranged for me to be upgraded and a box to be sent out for the same price it would have been when I signed up a couple of weeks ago, that it £23 a month for 12 months on Total Entertainment with unlimited 52Mb fibre with free Ultra HD box.  I can install it myself so there was no £20 charge either and I have already paid my activation fee.


He said someone would be in touch and a jiffy bag would be sent to return the TV Starter I had ordered originally.  He also said I would probably be charged £7.95 for the equipment delivery charge but as I had already paid that then it would be refunded on the next bill.  I thanked him for his excellence and was happy my 90 minutes on the phone had ended positively.


However the email I have received today just says I have upgraded to the Entertainment Max package with no mention of the Ultra HD we agreed on.  I don't have any need for Entertainment Max on its own - the big draw for me was the Ultra HD channel.


I've been on to the chat this morning but that wasn't ANY help at all - they just hung up on me!


[11:37:48 AM] C***** D*****: Thanks for that information.
[11:38:05 AM] C***** D*****: i will just check yur account and wi;; get back to you
[11:38:28 AM] me: ok
[11:41:19 AM] 'me' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent').


Then I got an email with the entire transcript but no solution.


I don't know if I can face another 90 minutes on the phone being passed around having to explain all this over and over again.


I hope the helpful mods on here can lend me a hand and look into this for me.


Many thanks!

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Re: Need help with Ultra HD package upgrade - chat hung up on me!

Hi @user2000,


We will certainly look into it for you. It'll take us at least 5 working days for us to reply to you. You can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods.





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Re: Need help with Ultra HD package upgrade - chat hung up on me!

Thanks again, I've forward the info as requested.

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