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Need help with port fowarding

So I play a popular BR game CoD Warzone and out of the blue, I could not hear my party chat in game but they could hear me. 

So I did all the usual trouble shooting: Checking privacy settings on my Xbox profile and in game, reinstalling the game, using a spare account to see if voice chat will work on that one, using different xboxes, non of its worked and I have been advised to open the port forwarding to fix this issue.

I was sent a link which had all the relevant port forward settings on it but I have no idea which goes where (see screenshot)




Will appreciate any advice 🙂


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Re: Need help with port fowarding

Your first screenshot shows that you have already done it, just create 5 more rules with the other ports. Remember to click on 'Save' after creating each one before creating the next.

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