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Need to up my security

Hi guys.
Advice needed please.
I've managed to get hacked. Looks like a netbios attack. Have youtube and googled things. Just to see how it's done and what occurs when this happens. And what happens and my current situation seems to be the same. Someone has used metasploit reverse tcp to hack me.
I'm stuck now with open ports on bt hub.
And they are remotely accessing my hub have changing passwords so many times tried upper lower symbols numbers all sorts. Not been good enough. I think it's time I stepped up and bought a router but I'm really not tech savy on routers and I don't want to waste money. I just want a basic router that I'm able to mac filter port block disable remote administration and just basically just plug straight into the the wall. I have been looking at a basic 30 pound tp link router but need some advice I can't afford more than I would say 50 pounds does anyone have any advice. Also they seem to hack a direct connect to my mobile and I'm wondering whether they would use that as an exploit to just repeat the process of open ports. I have forever had port 169 netbios ssn open and port 445 Microsoft ds open and I read that this is an exploit to execute and take control remotely.
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