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Need urgent Help

So we recenrtly switcher from BT Hub 3 to 4 (which I now regret). At first it seemed fine. After a day it became really slow. Now a week later it is even slower I could not connect to my Mac or my Xbox One. I fixed the connection part to the Mac as it had to do something with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies adnI just renamed them to two seperate names. However it is now so much slower. Barely load 480p videos from YouTube.


Now my Xbox One was used to be wired. This was fine until recdently. I cannot really connect to it anymore. It says its connected but it is so slow that I can barely sign in and even when it does, the dashboard doesn't load. Did a speed test on it that took like 3 minutes.


0.08 Down, BLANK Upload speed, 688 ping and 67% Packet Loss. This is NOT a typo. What is up?


I then tried the wireless but it is the same thing. Also when the Xbox One is on, the speeds again decline. Then I checked my Xbox 360 which is only wired as it cannot do wi-fi, and it does the EXACT same thing. SUPER SLOW and slows everything else.


So anything that is wired doesn't work right. My Mac is super slow. Eveything else is super slow.


To top it off I cannot change back the old router because when I do, NOTHING connects to it. And here we are paying a fortune per month for something we cannot use. Can anyone help who had the same trouble?

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Re: Need urgent Help

Hi Welcome to the community forums
Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted
once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more

if using a hub 4 locate these lines located in the hub logs
Lines should look like this
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.460000) DSL noise margin: 7.00 dB upstream, 6.10 dB downstream
19:11:29, 07 Nov. (2290101.390000) DSL line rate: 448 Kbps upstream, 288 Kbps downstream

Thank You
This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators
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