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Net Disconnecting - Wiring outside.

So I'm literally going to pound my face against a desk so hard that my face becomes nothing but jelly. I cannot get a decent answer from the customer care team. Spoken to them loads of times, 'sent' us 3 new Homehubs, they never came, but we got the text saying they would. 


Basically we've had this before where we have harsh weather and the internet drops out because of the wiring outside. It was badly done last summer, we had a BT repair man come out and patch up the wiring in this black casing. But since December when we had the really harsh snow it's been dropping out intermittently. And all I want is a way to get a BT repairman out. How hard is that? Is there a way to fast track this, because they keep 'sending' us stupid new homehubs.


Thanks for any reasonable reply.


edit: Even better, the customer care person I'm speaking to now had to ask me what a BT callout is. YAY FOR BT.

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Re: Net Disconnecting - Wiring outside.

is it causing a problem with your phone when making calls?  is quiet line test ok  dial 17070 option 2  should hear nothing with corded phone  if cordless then dull hum normal.  if there is any noise then reposta phone fault to 151 with no mention of broadband

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Re: Net Disconnecting - Wiring outside.

hi the most likely reason that the call centre person you were speaking to did not know what a "BT call out" was is because it is Openreach that carry out all repairs and installations to the network not BT Retail service provider I hope  that may explain  the possible confusion 

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