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NetProtect Plus Install Failure



Just tried to reinstall NetProtect Plus (kept reporting errors and couldn't get that icon on the desktop to go away). Followed the proper uninstall procedure (Win7 - use 'remote program' then run McAfee Removal Tool.

However, when I now download and run the install program, it reports "We're sorry, byt there are no programs that you can install from this McAfee acount. Please log in with another McAfee account and try installing again."


Well, clearly I don't have a McAfee account, BT does, and when I go through the download process, it only says that one of the 7 devices licensed is in use.


I've cleaned out the Temp directory etc and deleted all instances of the download so it's clean 'n fresh.


Any ideas?



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Re: NetProtect Plus Install Failure

I suggest you use the forum search facility there are many posts on netprotect and various problems including those like yours
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Re: NetProtect Plus Install Failure

I did use the search before I posted, but I couldn't find any answers to the problem that I had (because the threads often don't seem stay on topic and the answers end up being for subsequent questions).  Maybe I'm not searching hard enough. Do you actually know that there's an answer to this problem?

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Re: NetProtect Plus Install Failure

I never had NetProtect but kept an eye on recent discussions because I had purchased McAfee and was having problems with it. People have raised various issues but not found many cures. A reinstall has helped some, but that obviously will not apply to you.


I eventually decided to ditch McAfee and use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) / Windows firewall instead, with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to run an occasional supplementary scan. The change was free and smooth, and my computers run so much better. Others with similar experiences to you have also given up on McAfee and been pleased they did.


You must use an alternative AV, even if only a temporary measure pending resolution of the NetProtect problem. I'd recommend the combination mentioned above, but there are plenty of others. The best AV is the one you're happy with.

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