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Netflix constantly buffering to 25%



When watching NetFlix via the YouView box, whatever I'm watching will seem to lose connection after 10-20 minutes. It will start to buffer, than stall at 25% and do nothing until I exit the NetFlix app and then reload it. At this point it will work fine for another 10-20 minutes.


I'm using Powerline Adapters, but NetFlix is the only thing that seems to have this problem.


Is there anything I can do?

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Re: Netflix constantly buffering to 25%

PM me your details and I'll have a look
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Re: Netflix constantly buffering to 25%

I think it's to do with the plugs as I've got two boxes. One which is connected straight to router is OK it's the one on the plugs which has this issue.
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Re: Netflix constantly buffering to 25%

I think I have a solve for this problem. The issues lies, I think, with the Netflix Application.


(see steps at bottom, but read my blurb first to check you are in a simialr position, if not keep looking).


Context: I have HH5 on a Powerline, connected to a Humax Box and a Samsung TV.


Issue: I constantly had a 25% error when watching Netflix. Fixed by turing the Powerline on and off. Which was OK for a while, until one evening I got up 6 times watching a 40 mins show. Enough.




1. Blame BT (Line Speed/Quality): The line speed was fine, minimal packet loss, and no other streaming or internet drop out issues. Therefore unlikey to be BT.


2. Blame Me (Home Network Set Up):  Is sgined out of Netflix on all applications. Restarted all devices, starting with the router, no joy. Unlikey therefore to be a home network related.


3. Blame Netflix: Given the Netflix app works most of thie time, the issue probably releates to how the application uses the internet or the memory of the device it is using. One of the very common issues in all applications is the way they use device memory, and local storage (cache) of information also know as 'Memory Leaks'.


The only thing I could think of unique to me in this context would be my profile - so I went onine for a look at my Netflix account, thinking of clearing my cache (what the application records about usage etc.). This would reduce the amount of memory the Netflix Application would need to operate effectively, and stop/reduce stalling.


I have completed the following steps:


1. Logon to your Netflix account on a computer.

2. Go My Account

3. Go to my proflile

4. Go to viewing activity

5. Remove all activity

6. Logout


Go back to the TV, and start watching!


I have had no repeats of the issue. This solution does not permanently solve the problem, and it may need repeating at the cache builds again.


Now, this could be a massive coincidence. But it seems to work for me.


Given the steps I completed  then the issue does point toward a software rather than a local network or BT issue.


I hope this helps.

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Re: Netflix constantly buffering to 25%

Hi. Was a solution ever found to this problem as I got the UHD 4k box this week and it's happening to me.


I'm using fast powerline adapters between my smart hub and the box. This evening I watched 2 hours of the UHD channel without any problems and then tried Netflix.


After about 20 mins the sound goes for about ten seconds and then the stream starts buffering up to 25% at which point Netflix stops and complains of a network error. All the tests say everything is okay and my Internet speed is 59Mb/s. I then reloaded Netflix and fast forwarded to the point where it crashed and started watching only for it to fail again 5 minutes later.


Netflix was always fine with the standard box.

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Re: Netflix constantly buffering to 25%

I occasionally had this problem on plain old copper ADSL and a direct connection between box and hub. It was fixed by logging out of Netflix on all devices and logging back in again. Google "Netflix 25%", it's a very common problem and not something unique to BT or your setup.
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