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Re: Netflix pausing at 25%...

I had exactly this problem, and it was fixed by logging out of Netflix on all devices and logging back in again (something I tried when a Google search showed it is a very common problem). Worth a try.
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Re: Netflix pausing at 25%...

I found this solution somewhere but I cannot find it now:


go online and choose



Account details
my profile
playback settings

playback settings
Data Usage per Screen
 - set to low



from what I remember Netflix tries to use the highest possible resolution. If the bitrate becomes less than normal it cannot recover.


I have had no problems with the lower bitrate and Netflix hasn't failed for about 3 weeks now.

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Re: Netflix pausing at 25%...

@ozsat wrote:

It is a Netflix issue - not BT


The Virginmedia forums are flooded with the same 25% complaints saying VM should get it fixed.


Netflix always blames the ISP - even though they are the only common factor.

Agree and its a Netflix issue the world over and it happens in every country Netflix is in.


Though the Virginmedia forums are also flooded with complaints saying VM should get the iPlayer fixed. But no, that again would be down to the DCab BBC iPlayer team to fix.

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Re: Netflix pausing at 25%...

This post is about a specific problem when watching Netflix content, where the streaming is stopped, the buffering symbol is shown running up to 25% and then it holds there indefinitely.

I.e. This post is not about general buffering problems – it’s only about Netflix sticking at exactly 25%.


In my case this occurs watching on a BT Youview (Humax) box with BT Infinity broadband which has a download speed of around 28 mbps at the Youview box after going via a BT mains extender with ethernet connection to the Youview box.


Short term fixes including resetting broadband connections, signing-out of Netflix etc, but these don’t cure the problem of it recurring as soon as a few minutes later.


The solution I found, which for me has worked for a few days now, was courtesy of a youtube video “Netflix 25% Infinite loop error fix” – so big thanks to “Tactical Reload Gaming” on there for doing the clever bit of finding a potential solution.


This post is to note my experience of applying his fix in case it helps others.


In a nutshell the apparent fix is, somewhat counter-intuitively, to restrict bandwidth to the Netflix device. In the video the suggestion is that Netflix interrogate your broadband speed to assess it for optimum streaming (SD, HD, 4K) and that somewhere in this process the 25% error occurs.


This solution depends on making changes to settings on your router. If you’re comfortable making technical fixes to PCs, smartphones etc then it’s easy enough, but if you’re not then this fix might not be for you.


If you’re using an ISP-provided modem/router (such as BT’s HomeHub series or similar) then it is locked down and won’t allow you the access to make the necessary changes. So you’re going to need to have an independent router like those from Netgear, TP-Link etc.


If you’re on a fibre broadband service such as BT’s Infinity then you’ll need a "VDSL" modem/router.


A cheaper alternative in my case was to buy a second-hand "ADSL" (i.e. pre VDSL/fibre) router, and then also a second-hand Openreach modem to go in between the master phone socket and the ADSL router. Each of these cost just a few pounds. An older ADSL router and an Openreach VDSL modem can be linked by setting the ADSL router in Wireless Router Mode and a PPPoE connection to the modem. Pretty straightforward and I encountered no problems.


Once you have access to the router settings the steps are:
1. Identify the IP address your Netflix device has been given and the device’s MAC address.
2. Assign the Netflix device a static IP address.
3. Assign a bandwidth restriction to that IP address / device. The bandwidth you restrict to may vary depending on whether you want to watch in HD or SD. For HD, Netflix apparently recommend minimum download speed of 5mbps (5000 kbps) – so I used this as my bandwidth control setting. There’s also a setting for upload bandwidth restriction which I set to a nominal figure – I’m not sure whether it matters.


Once you have a router you can make changes to you, can then implement various other changes to improve your security too 🙂

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Re: Netflix pausing at 25%...

Just an update - looking good - still no recurrence a month on.

If you're getting fed up with the 25% problem the above seems to work long term.

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