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Netflix won't load after Prime Video

For the last month or so, Netflix will not load after exiting Prime Video. The only solution is to do a hard switch on/off at the back of the box. Is this a known problem on the 4K UHD box? Any other solutions? Are BT aware?

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Re: Netflix won't load after Prime Video

Hi @MJV 

Sorry you are having problems with the service. 

There is a known issue if Netflix or Amazon apps are closed via the "back" button and then either of them opened again the app will crash and to resolve the TV Box has to be power cycled.
The problem is being worked on but to avoid the issue in the meantime use the "close" button on the remote control to exit the apps rather than the back button.
Many apologies for the inconvenience, we are aware and are working on it. Thank you. 

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Re: Netflix won't load after Prime Video

Hi, this problem has just started on our DTRT4000  box and I notice that you say the known issue is being worked on but I am unable to find a workable work around.

I thought I might be able to delete the app and reinstall it but I can even find such a facility within the youview Box menus. 

Do you have a work around please?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Netflix won't load after Prime Video

You need to close the prime video app each time you use it as opposed to backing out of it, i.e. use the Close button not the Back button

(Post Amended)

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Re: Netflix won't load after Prime Video

Hi Les-Gibson,

Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately I gave tried that. Prime will load and sometimes allow you to start a program,  sometimes it just drop back to the App Menu.

I have used the Close button but Netflix just won't start at all. You click the app, the screen goes black for a few seconds then back to the app screen.

I have used the switch at the back of the unit and disconnected and reconnected all leads.

I have considered a factory reset, I don't have anything recorded and I can just log back into the apps (I hope).

However, does a factory reset destroy any connection information and require me to log into our BT account on boot up?


Many thanks



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Re: Netflix won't load after Prime Video

No but you will have to re-tune the Freeview channels and you may have to be a little patient waiting for the EPG to be re-populated with the internet channels

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