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Did anyone else get the offer of "free netfilx if you renew your contract for 12 months"?  I moved from netflix at £5.99 a month and took this offer, however, I am being charged for netflix on BT. The point I was told by BT when taking this offer was that BTTV was reducing the variety videos, films etc on was offering netflix instead...anyone...did I dream it?  i would not have changed from netflix to bt netflix for no reason..nor would i have renewed my contract


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Re: Netflix

Hi, you mean this one?

Important changes
to your BT TV pack









We’re switching off the Film & TV Box Sets On Demand service on 30 June 2015. That’s because we’ve got Netflix on BT TV now instead. Call us today and we’ll add it at no extra charge to your current subscription, and give you a free You View+ box.


Add Netflix today

It’s got exclusive TV series such as Marvel’s Daredevil, top movies, cool comedies and cracking kids’ shows – all there for you to watch whenever you like. To swap it with your current Film & TV Box Sets pack you’ll need to renew your BT broadband contract and take a new BT TV package for 12 months.


And get a new YouView+ box on us

It’s easy to use and you can scroll back seven days to catch up on shows you might have missed. Plus you can pause, rewind and record live TV – just like the box you’ve got now.


You can keep watching Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 on your new YouView+ box too, but Sky Sports 5 isn’t available.


Call us today – even if you already have Netflix, you could still get a free YouView+ box.






Call 0800 085 3695 now










Libby Barr

Managing Director, Customer Care


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Re: Netflix

Yeah I remember this kinda thing coming through my door a good while ago, but when I called to accept I was told I'd be charged for Netflix IN ADDITION to the £5/month for BT TV Essential. I have a Smart TV with Netflix on it so there would be no benefit in moving my Netflix subscription to BT. I cancelled BT TV instead and saved money.

Pretty silly on BT's part, as I was paying them £5/month for BT TV Essential and would have been happy in paying them the same £6.99 a month I pay to Netflix, but instead BT get nothing (in terms of TV subscription) and Netflix get their money directly.
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Re: Netflix

Hi I have just noticed that I am being charged for Netflix. I was an existing BT TV customer and took another 12 month contract on the basis that I would get Netflix free for that 12 months. Is this correct?
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