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Network not always available



I recently joined BT and they sent me a Homhub 2.0 (bit strange, i thought it would be a 3.0 as it's only less than a month) but i'm having connection problems. Basically, with the Homehub on it every so often doesn't recognise the network and I have to restart the HH before any of my devices will connect. However, it still does connect to the Openzone which I assume is mine too. It's increasingly happening over the last few days and getting quite annoying considering the short amount of time i've had the equipment. Powersave is enabled but this is happening when the power save is inactive. Any ideas???


Apologies for my poor explanation. If you need me to explain anything further, please let me know.



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Re: Network not always available

it sounds like your hub is connected to the internet but your wireless devices are having problems connecting to the hub or are losing connection to the hub after a short time - is that correct?  or is it the hub is losing connection - blue light flashing orange?

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