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New Additions to the Community Leader Programme

Hi everyone


We launched the Community Leader Programme at the end of last year, and at the time I mentioned that it was a trial. I’m sure you’ll agree that this has gone well and big thanks go to all of our CL members for their hard work and dedication to the community - imjolly, AllanQuatermain, stuartrogerson, Keith_Beddoe and IanC! 🙂  We launched the programme to recognise those members who are unusually dedicated to helping others, and to maintaining a positive, productive atmosphere in the community.


To acknowledge some other community users who help us grow this community to be a positive place to get support, we’re extending the Community Leader Programme and adding some new members.  There will be future opportunities for more people to join the CLP in the coming months.  To find out more and see what some of our Community Leaders have to say about being part of the programme…check out our FAQs below.


I hope you’ll join me in congratulating our new Community Leaders – John46, Rachael42 and guilbo.


Great to have you on board guys! 🙂




Community Leader Programme FAQs


What is the Community Leader Programme?

The Community Leader Programme (CLP) recognises members in the community who help other members in a positive way. 


How are members chosen?

As you know, our ranking structure focuses primarily on the volume and quality of contributions.  The CLP will allow us to additionally recognise those who embody the spirit of the community – a friendly and constructive environment for BT customers to help other BT customers. 


Who is eligible for the program?

Anyone who is not a BT employee is eligible.  There is no minimum time requirement for selection, although a member would need to be active over time to develop a record of positive contributions. 


I’ve not been chosen but I’d like to join – how can I be a Community Leader in the future?

We have just extended the programme with these new members and will be looking to regularly refresh the group in order to recognise as many worthy members as possible. 


If you want to be part of the CLP here’s a few tips on what you can do to help you get selected in future:


  • Make regular contributions to the community
  • Be friendly and positive in your posts
  • Provide help and support to fellow community members
  • Abide by the community guidelines
  • Act as a positive role model on the community
  • Work with the moderators where needed


The main thing to bear in mind is that the community is set up for customers to help other customers with BT products and services in a friendly, productive environment.  If your contributions regularly help that overall goal then you stand a good chance of being selected in future. 


What’s in it for the Community Leaders?

In addition to the recognition that members get for being Community Leaders, we hope to provide other privileges that will help leaders become more informed and valuable to the community. These privileges may include invitations to trials, opportunities to collaborate with each other and with BT experts, or other benefits.  This is an optional scheme which carries no obligation to join or duties once membership is granted. It is simply a “thank you” for efforts as helpers and role models in the community. 


Still wondering if it’s a good thing to be part of? Here’s what some of our current CL’s think:


“I have enjoyed getting to know the fellow CL members better and getting good advice/information from them.  I also like having a better method of communicating with yourself and the other mods again makes it a more friendly atmosphere.” – imjolly


“CL has been interesting, getting to know the small group of other CL's, mod team and Kerry.  I enjoyed testing a product, and solving some functionality issues. CL is about service not status to me, and I find I get a lot out of being part of it and this community.” – AllanQuatermain


If you’ve got any further questions about the Community Leader Programme, or want to express your interest in becoming a CL in future please send me a PM.




Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers

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