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New BT Email

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Had the new email imposed on me overnight 2 weeks ago.  While I am getting used to the new rubbish layout, can anyone tell me how to check that incoming emails are not scams.  You used to be able to click on the incoming address and you could see that it was from a reliable source.  Cant do that now.  Also you can't preview attachments you have put on outgoing emails.   One other thing, when adding a new contact you can't seem to add in the email address, it is inaccessible.  You can add a new contact from an incoming email address, but not from brand new.   Help, I am fed up

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Re: New BT Email

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In your list of emails, if you tick the box to the left of the email you want to check where it originated from, then go to the "more" button at the menu bar above the list and click on it then scroll down to "view source". This will bring up a lot of details regarding the email.

If you can not interpret all the detail you need to scroll down the details until you see the "From", "Reply", "To". This will show you the address of where the email originated from.

When adding a new contacts email address are you entering it in the box below the Header "EMail There is a drop down box with "Home" and beside that "Home" 

Home email.PNG

If you click on the "Home" box to the right this allows you to enter the email address.. Assuming you want it as the home address. If you want to change it to an "office" address or something else you can change its title via the "Home" box to the left.

So far the only way I could find to view an attachment prior to sending is to save the email as a draft by clicking on the save icon. If you then close the email and go to the draft folder and select your email and click on the small attachment paper clip above the attachment but below the your name and date it will open the attachment.


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Re: New BT Email

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Thanks for that.   What a performance, who ever thought any of this was an improvement.  Checking that your email is from a reliable source before you open it is of paramount importance in these dreadful days of scamming.  The average 73 old, like me, would now find it really difficult to check the source, you just used to click it on it and know immediately if it was reliable. 

Ditto checking your attachments before you send the email.  You just used to click, et voila, you could see it straightaway, now you have to save it and check the draft, madness

Finally got adding a new contact to work, when I have tried before you could add every detail except the email address but that seems to be resolved now.

Thanks again for your help.   But, BT, this is all a huge backward step, why are you making it so hard when it all worked so well before???

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