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New BT Infinity but home plug ethernet slower than wireless

I've just had fibre installed and the BT router is working fine. Previously I used home plugs to send broadband ethernet from the BT hub to my office at the top of the house and this gave me faster speeds than wireless. I thought I would be able to do the same with fibre and the new router and get maximum speeds rather than reduced wireless speeds. However, the speeds I get through my the home plugs are around 34mbps whereas via wireless I get around 71mbps. Also the connection lights on my home plugs are amber rather than green. It's as if the link was being choked. My home plugs are SOLWISE PL 1200AV2 PIGGY. They are highly rated and capable of speeds up to 1200mbps. I've tried to contact SOLWISE for help but without success. Can anyone offer any advice?


Also, what are the ethernet ports for on the BT modem (the white box on the wall)?

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Re: New BT Infinity but home plug ethernet slower than wireless

FTTP or FTTC? Have you tried resetting the Solwise home plugs and allowing trhem to re-negotiate the connection to the router?

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Re: New BT Infinity but home plug ethernet slower than wireless

Thanks for the fast reply. I've reset the home plugs a dozen times in the hope of a fix but to no avail. I'm not sure of FTTP or FTTC, what does that mean? I have a Mac set up and Solwise have no Mac software for fine tuning. The PC software is quite primitive and clunky too so I'm not sure if I can do much with that either. I may well be wrong but it seems as if it is the BT Smart Hub is choking the ethernet speed but I can find nothing in the Hub Manager Settings that might help.


Any suggestions?

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Re: New BT Infinity but home plug ethernet slower than wireless

FTTP - Fibre To The Premises: you actually have a fibre optic connection right into your house.  Few places have this so far.

FTTC - Fibre To The Cabinet: but copper from the green street cabinet to your house.  Infinity is generally this type of connection.


The amber light indicates a bandwidth limitation between the home plugs, not between the plug and the router.  You would have to talk to Solwise to find out if it only becomes amber if it is the bandwidth limiting link, which may be why it previously showed green.  Good luck getting someone at Solwise who knows the product detail well enough to answer that and doesn't only speak Mandarin, though.  😞


Have you tried putting the home plugs, if more than two then unplug the others, next to each other in a double socket, or in sockets that are close to each other on the same mains ring?  You probably have a different mains ring for each floor of the building, connected at the consumer unit.  Depending on the wiring and the consumer unit itself, that could introduce bandwidth limits.  If putting them on the same ring, or a double socket, still has the same bandwidth issue then it rules out most limitations of the home wiring.

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