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Re: New BT Mail Layout

And the arguments roll on, WebMail, IMap etc etc...

Thankfully for the last few weeks or so the BT/Yahoo Webemail has been working for myself and my wife quite well. There are idiosyncrasies still - at least the right click menu is back again as I was struggling with the new delete functions having been used to the delete on the right click for as long as I can remember - but it is ok I am still using Win7 not decided yet on Win10 but that decision is coming up.

As an example of the dangers of offline vs WebMail though we were lucky enough to go to lanzarote for a short break recently and the IMAP services we use on our mobiles was refusing to work both via wifi and curious satelite as well (Moviestar obviously was blocking BT servers not sure why though but apparently in Playa Blanca area this was very common) thankfully though the webmail versions were all still working fine on all products - bit small on the phone but it worked. I tried my imap email backup tools on the laptop and sure enough nothing seemed to be getting through at all for the whole week.

The thing is many on here may have seen my gripes with some people insisting that I switch wholeheartedly to IMAP and to be honest I understand their views but I still use the Webserver version as for me there are less things to deal with in my view when things go wrong. Ok when it plays up or worse is affected for the long periods as we have been having over the last year I think I should try offline tools but I have my one concession to offline tools in the guise of Mailstore as my back up system and I can resort to that if need be.

As I say everything seems ok for us at the moment but BT/Yahoo being what it has been for as long as I can remember I feel a change is going to come sooner or later. 😉

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Nobody is saying switch to using a client to the exclusion of all else, as you have found, the 2 can be used in conjunction with each other when needs must.

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Re: New BT Mail Layout


Nice to escape the grim weather here.

Lanzarote might be a challenge for any means of communication and I can't speak for how IMAP might work there. I expect that given time, it would be possible to set things up correctly. It's good to hear that the mobile versions worked.

Win 7 vs Win 10. For me, it's no contest. If you had asked me 3 or 4 years ago, I might not have been so certain, but would I go back to Win 7? - No. Apart from the nagging updates Win 10works well most of the time. For real solid, trouble-free computing, no contest - Linux. Just had a major update from 16-something to 18-something. No problems, done when I choose. The only gripe is the cumbersome installation of applications that still needs a basic grip on DOS commands and command line working. Win 10 collapses now and again, but Linux never

I had to help someone today who uses the browser version of BT mail on a small laptop. It reminded me just how difficult it was to work with. Too much crammed into a small space. OK for occasional use, but not for heavy use. Some folk don't like clients, some do. Again, personally, no contest. Outlook or similar. The archiving, searching are essential for my use. A large monitor also helps. I don't mind who delivers the mail, but would I trust BT to look after mail long-term? Absolutely not.

I don't think changing from BT will help much unless you plan to step to business level providers. GMail seems OK and I use both. My front-line account is BT and GMail is an occasional alternative where I don't want to give out the main account.

Ref "I feel a change is going to come", I'm sure you mean provider, but it looks as though some of the complaints have got through to BT, and a change to webmail is in the offing

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Re: New BT Mail Layout

Hmm! Lanzarote is not exactly a backwater and used to be great for mobiles it still is for calls etc just BT servers were I assume blocked for some odd reason, we have been going there for a number of years now and most of the time the comms is real good. The internet in our villa was top notch very high speed indeed so except for the mail server issues it was good. We have had santander banking be a bit temperamental over the years in spain but most place in the world it works well. No probs with most things though. Netflix was a bit of an issue but I think it was because the place we were in were using proxy's. We just plugged our lappy in and connected the TV with hdmi and bobs your uncle tv back in action.  

On the webmail thingy I can do most things you can do with with a client and to be fair to BT/Yahoo its getting very good when it stays up and working!. Searching is very clever - it would be nice to have a bit more screen space as its a bit cluttered in terms of superfluous items but on my 24 inch screen in my office its fine.

The change comment was related to it working again and the boys in the cupboard were probably making their latest change and it would be coming soon!


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Re: BT Email changes

My dashboard worked fine for the information I want access to until yesterday !! 

Now it is **bleep**ing useless !    I don't like totally unnecessary changes  and this one especially as  all my bill view requests DO NOT work today !! 

 I never took part in any questionnaire or voted for any change which to my my mind makes it Dictatorial   

 BT  iws a **bleep** Firm and all the management does is spout **bleep** and push **bleep**ing pens  -  I will be leaving as soon as possible   

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Re: BT Email changes

Welcome to the party Mike , you are number 685 in the queue , the public , or at least those who have made it this far , are not happy with BT , or at least the  "  New Improved Email "  , you will get no solace here , it doesn't matter how many customers they upset as the attitude is , and I quote...

"663 or 1,000 or even 100,000 responses it will not be going back to the previous format."

So chin up and soldier on...





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Re: BT Email changes


This forum item is to do with the changes to the BT e-mail browser version.

I've just checked "view my bill" and it is working fine at time of writing.

It looks as though BT has done a little tinkering on the logo front.

There was a problem a day or two ago with the mobile version of My BT and I couldn't get any usage data and only got a message "working on a problem" or similar, but that is up and running again.

Try it again and let us know how you get on.

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Re: BT Email changes

WooooWoooWooo  , the latest update means I can move my tooltip over the blue banner without a cascade of utter cr4p.... One now has to click on the links .

You're getting there BT

Keep it up

If you get it fixed before my contract expires , I might stay..


John  😉

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Re: BT Email changes

@John Clegg

So pleased to hear you can now move your tooltip around again.

While I was reading through, up pops a popup from BT saying We'd love your feedback. Select from Yes when I've finished or No thanks. Select When I've finished and it goes straight to the survey. Not a good start. Fill the survey in and submit. Big red message - unexpected error. Thank you BT, you can't even get that right.

Off subject, when is BT going to do something about the dozens of fake BT calls from the Indian sub-continent using what look like legitimate UK dialling codes? Even TV Licencing is at it now, hand over your bank details or we'll send in the bailiffs. The wonders of the Internet.

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Re: BT Email changes

I read with interest these various messages about the BT email app. I moved over to to using eMClient on IMAP some while ago and have not looked back, it`s free and stable to use also it can be customised. Lifes to short to mess about with such a flawed system it is a pity as the original web mail app was so simple and easy to view. I also gave Thunderbird a try which I found to be very good. Finally choosing eMClient finding its a toss up on which to go with.

If BT ever gets their act together and reverted back to something like the original I am more than willing to give it a try but my patience had been exhausted, They do not seem to listen to their customers and learn.