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Re: New BT Mail

Roughly "Always onwards!!"

Doesn't always imply for the better, though.

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Re: New BT Mail

I totally agree with you I think it's absolute rubbish. No idea why they changed it when the previous one was working well. Stupid people getting paid lots of money for coming up with even stupider ideas. Obviously they don't have BT email accounts. If they did they would see what an idiotic idea it was to change to the new system.  

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Re: New BT Mail

I agree with you lesleyanne73, but it's like an only child to these BT programmers as no matter how bad or ugly it is it will always be a beautiful little baby in their eyes.

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Re: New BT Mail

John .C.Maxwell said...
"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them."
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Recent 2020 email changes

Just wondering if anyone else felt cheesed off with the new premium email changes. Namely email folders not in alphabetical order, no option to add some colour and depth to a monochrome look and work done to organise folders all undone when the change happened. Is this a platform that you can trust if folders can't be put in alphabetical order? 

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Unfortunately , BT (email service) treat its users as 'cannon fodder' have never seen or had a response to complaints .. now you will be told to switch. go client based, or use wp software.
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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

I was migrated yesterday (Friday, 29 May 2020). I do use a mail client and all appears to be fine from that point of view, but I occasionally log on to webmail to check that nothing of note has dropped into the spam folder (its usually stuff from BT!). This morning it is chaos. The "loading..." timer twirls for any folder I attempt to visit, even if empty.  Trash does not contain any emails later than Thursday; though it has about a months worth from earlier. Is this a change of policy on the part of BT?

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Mick , et Al.


 Just scroll back through the years and posts , I think there are two seperate threads re. "BT improved email", and you'll see how cheesed off we are , and how BT ignore their customers...


John 😉


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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

I have read these postings and wonder why so many folk get so uptight about the email service. I too used to use the original email offering and it s true it was better laid out and easier to read.  Unfortunately I am sure it will never return so why not preserve your blood pressure and move on to one of the free email programs. For example I use eM Client which is free to use for 1 user, I have never regretted making this change also its very clear and stable.

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Re: Recent 2020 email changes

Email clients do not work the same as the old Yahoo system did, We do not like change.
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