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New BT Yahoo! Mail - "The countdown has begun."

I don't go to BT Yahoo! much, but have elected to stay with Classic Mail. I just went to the Mail section of the site and was greeted by Big Brother's stopwatch with a slightly ominous message that "the countdown has begun". The countdown in question is a request to upgrade to the new mail by 04-02-2012. (I guess that means 4 February but, knowing Yahoo!'s home address, it could be 2 April.)


Any one know what terrible fate awaits those who say, "Thank you very much for your kind suggestion but I prefer Classic Mail and will ignore your deadline."? Or maybe a two-word equivalent response.


By the way, I wonder why the upgrade request uses a font many times larger than the option, buried in text, to say, "No thanks."


Sorry if this has been answered before; I haven't noticed .

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Re: New BT Yahoo! Mail - "The countdown has begun."

It's anybody's guess, because Yahoo aren't saying.


In reality this whole charade is because Yahoo desparately wants you to agree to their new Terms & Conditions that allow them to read your mail and pass information about your interests to advertisers.


If they just wanted you to get a better email system they would just have upgraded it.

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Re: New BT Yahoo! Mail - "The countdown has begun."

I only discovered today from another forum member, that the "archive mail" link has now gone. That was part of the classic e-mail.

So it looks like they are slowly pulling it to pieces Smiley Sad

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Re: New BT Yahoo! Mail - "The countdown has begun."

I stupidly upgraded ahead of their deadline of 4th Feb, lost all my folders, lost all my filters and everytime I go to my webmail every email is downloaded again. So I now have each email more than 10 times!!

Anyone elase tried the tick box for download new emails only---on one of my accounts i leave this ticked and they dont download and on the main account i leave it unticked to stop the repeated downloads.

Anybody else having these problems?

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