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New BT email format

My blood pressure is now sky-high after trying to reply to a simple note and send it.    The old BT mail was flawed, but at least it was functional.  After resorting to saving it as a draft (which is also a challenge)  I managed to send a very simple note by pressing forward.   Why does "Send"not come up at the top or the bottom of the note when you reply.   Is it just me?   Also, who in their infinite wisdom decided to lose the spellcheck facility.   

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Re: New BT email format

Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers as per the Help page link below.

The spell check is not a stand alone function, it is built into your browser.

Have a look through the Help pages.

If you want to compose a new email you should single click on the "compose"  button. This will bring up a "new" email page.

The send button is at the foot of the new email.



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Re: New BT email format

I suspect those having problems are double clicking to open a mail rather than single clicking.

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Re: New BT email format

Thank you for responding.  I am using Firefox browser.   The Reply and Discard buttons in blue  at the bottom of the email were not there - all I could see was the body of the email.  Perhaps this is an intermittent problem as I have just  tried Compose and Reply and both buttons appeared.

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