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New Build Connection - So frustrated I may cry

The excitement of finally owning our own home and getting rid of renting and landlords have been completely spoiled by BT & BT Openreach. 


We found out in January that we would be moving into our brand spanking new home on the 24th of March. I looked online for information about a home move, as there is a BT plug installed, we assumed it would be the same as every other time we have moved - how wrong was I!?! 


Originally contacted on the 19th of April requesting Home Move - lovely gentleman who added my address by hand due to the new postcode not being on the system, e-mail recieved had the address spelt incorrectly (Welsh Names - none Welsh speaker with BT - easily done) - so called back to change the address (Seriously it was a D instead of a B - that's all), and got a really rude individual stating that it should never have been done - they cannot imput info into system etc, and that he was going to cancel my order until Royal Mail had sorted the postcode - I went off on one (I admit I was rude and angry - as this was about 15 minutes after the original phone call) And eventually told him to stuff the order. The next day I recieved a phone call from BT Openreach - who has a large office in my nearest town noting that they had the order through, and wanted to confirm the location of the new estate (there's only 8 houses in this COMPLETED estate ok - so we are not taking about a big job!) and he told me that he was one of the engineers that put the cabling in the estate and that it was, to quote "an easy job there - it's basically ready" So I assumed that the rude gentleman was having an off day and it would be all sorted. 


We were told that a new broadband kit would arrive on the 12th of May - and that we would be conected the same day. The broadband kit did indeed arrive, but no sign of being conected. 


13th of May - We had decided to leave it until midnight - these things can take time. The next day recieved an automated e-mail and text message noting that there had been a delay due to "ducting and cableing work" and that we would be updated on the 21st. 


21st of May - At 5pm we had enough of waiting - my husband rang BT to ask for an update, was told that the same thing was an issue -when he noted that we had not seen a single BT Openreach van in the area - they changed their story saying it was an issue with the box/cables in the main road. I think BT have mis-judged the size of this estate/village - we can actually see the exchange box from our kitchen window - yes it's in the "next street" - but there's a gap between the houses - and we have yet to see a BT Openreach van nearby. We were told that we would be updated on the 28th. 


28th of May (Yesterday) - Recieved another text noting - "offsite and onsite cabling work still in process" - Still in process?! We haven't seen a single van!! And that we should have an update on the 15th of June! My husband replied to the text message saying that this is unacceptable, that this is the 4th date this has been changed to, and as we do our banking online as well as other bills via direct debit - we have no way of checking up on this etc. He recieved a reply noting - "...Opennreach have been advised that they currently have no netwrok to site which is required before service can be provided. This will involve extensive cable work and have been adviced that the works will be compleded as soon as possible" - What exactly does "no network to site" mean? And that the 15th of June is now a review date rather that any sign of being completed!! 


This is really fustrating, and costing us a fortune in mobile phone calls and data usage - and to top everything have recieved a BT bill yesteday of £13.83 - we haven't had phone or internet since the 24th of April!!! How the hell can we be owing £13.83 ?!?


I'm so sorry for the long rant - it's just so fustrating with no clear answer or end in site - and to make matters worse - my husband is losing money, as he doesn't have an adiquate mobile phone signal to be on call for work. He always used to recieve the call to the house phone - but that is obviously not possible at the moment. 


I have seen many of similar topics on here - but cannot see anyone actually having any luck 😞 I've had enough - and I really don't know what to do next. 

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Re: New Build Connection - So frustrated I may cry

Update: I've contacted Openreach directly today and recieved the following reply: 


I’m emailing in reply to your recent enquiry about an order at a New Housing Development. I've checked the address and we can't find an order for that property.  This Team is only able to monitor and update on the progress of live orders within our system.  If you think that you have placed an order, it may have been cancelled in error, so you need to contact your Service Provider to discuss. 

If your Service Provider tells you they're unable to place an order (usually because they can't match the address), then you need to ask them to use the Bronze Address Matching process to place an order.  The Bronze Address Matching Process allows them to place an order for an address that they can't locate.  It triggers an activity within Openreach to survey the address and arrange for it to be added to our systems against the correct network points.

Once you've an order in place, if you need to contact us about it at all, then you'll need to re-submit the enquiry form.  We'll keep your Service Provider up to date re the progress of any orders placed.



Openreach Newsite Development Queries Team



Are you kidding me?!! 

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Re: New Build Connection - So frustrated I may cry

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Re: New Build Connection - So frustrated I may cry

Hi lonmos,

Sorry for the problems you've been having with your order.

If you click on my username, you'll be able to see our contact form under the "About me" section. Please fill it out and we'll look into this further.

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Re: New Build Connection - So frustrated I may cry

The email you received is a template reply as Openreach do not care about connecting services. I received the same email today (also moving into a new build. There are other people on the same estate already connected and the phone line is at the front of my property awaiting connection! So no cabling or surveys required as all cables laid during utilities stage of site development) and when I asked a BT operator earlier to use the Bronze Address Matching process, she had no idea what it was and simply told me she could not process the order. Both Openreach and BT should be set firm guidelines by Offtel in regards to getting new build housing connected within the usual 10 day connection timeframe existing properties get.

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