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New Build Connection


I hope someone can help me as things are pretty desperate  

We moved into a new build property mid December and were advised by the developer that the property had been previously registered for a phone line installation. 

Once we had registered the property address with royal mail, several BT visits later we were informed that the line plant team were required to connect the new line to the DP box in the street and to the new property. 

Several, chasing calls later we were told the work would be taking place on the 11th Feb, however the engineer did not turn up. 

That was the last update from openreach. Several calls, and all the information we ever get is, there will be an update, but it's never forthcoming. 

I really don't know where this leaves us, as openreach will not update the system, so BT are unable to update us. 

Gone of for months and going round in circles, not sure what else to do. Wife is desperate as works from home. 

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Re: New Build Connection


Do you have an open order for a phone line, with BT Retail?

Please do not post any order details here, just confirm that you have an order awaiting installation.

What estimated installation date have BT Retail quoted?

All visits would be from Openreach, not BT Retail.

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Re: New Build Connection

Yes I have an open order with BT for a phone line but no date. The last update was order is with openreach plant line team. 

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Re: New Build Connection

This sounds like as a new build it is something the developer should be arranging and not passing of responsibility to others. The developer should have a contact in openreach as they are the openreach customer not  you

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Re: New Build Connection

Thank you, I thought this would be the case. I will contact the developer and ask him to help move things along. 

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Re: New Build Connection

Is your new build home built by a mainstream developer ( Taylor Wimpy, Persimmon etc.) or a small one man band type developer ?, is it on a greenfield or brownfield site , or was it just a vacant ‘plot’ within an established residential area ?

The process with most developments is the builder contacts Openreach ( if OR are to be used ) early on in the process so plans can be made for extending OR’s network to the site ( usually these days that is FTTP ) if they dont contact OR , or have plans to use another network provider , that can result in a delay or never being able to use providers that themselves rely  on the Openreach network.

As already advised its the developer you need to speak to, what have they arranged , the larger developers will have made some provision, it may not be with OR, smaller developers may assume that OR will simply provide infrastructure when the person who buys the property from them , applies for service from a communications provider...a little more info on the development type may help determine where the issue is likely to be.

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Re: New Build Connection

The development is 1 off development in a vacant plot in a residential area by a small development company.

The developer advised that the property was registered with openreach early on in the development. 

I have already gone back to him, advising we believe responsibility lies with him, would be good to have this conformed. 

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Re: New Build Connection

you can also see if openreach will help

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Re: New Build Connection

If this is a single plot development, was it replacing an existing unit ( so old property demolished and new property going on the plot ) or a plot that has never been built on, if an old property was demolished is the new property to have the the same house number / name  and be of the roughly the same design, so not a bungalow replacing a house ( that type of thing )
if ( for example ) the rest of the area is served by overhead means, provided the address is registered with the PostOffice/Royal Mail and the address is on the Openreach database that is derived from it, then you should be able to order , initially it may just be a phone line then when that’s in broadband or you may be able to order both, but predicting the speed may be vague...if the area is underground fed and the developer hasn’t provided duct  or if the original duct was ripped out as part of the development then any install order would possibly be accepted but ultimately fail , the Openreach tech passing the job to the ‘planners’ to retro fit some method of providing service.
OR do have rights to work in the public highway ( roads , footpaths etc ) but there are also obligations, if for example the road this property is on is classed as traffic sensitive ( for example ) the local authority may require a lengthy notice period, if it’s a plot a relatively long way from other properties then excess construction costs could apply.

If you have been given a date , and it’s BT ( Consumer ) that your order is with, the BT Mod on here may be able to enquire with OR and find out what is going on, if it’s not ‘BT’ your order is with, then you need to approach whoever that is , so  to be clear ( as you are calling visits by Openreach BT ) is it BT Consumer you have raised your order with ?

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Re: New Build Connection

The development is a new plot created from existing an property. Part of a the garden was sold. The property has been registered with openreach, the new property address has been registered with the post office and now appears on-line.

Underground ducting has been provided by the developer and is in place. A new order for a phone line has been registered with BT, an initial survey has taken place to determine what is required, a new link from an existing DP box, approximately 4 metres from the duct work. 

Openreach will not update the system to say when or if they will carry out the works. I am in limbo unfortunately. 

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