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New Build Open Reach


Hi there


I’ve recently moved into a new build property and I’m looking for some clarification regarding the openreach box.


being a new build it’s bound to BT at the moment so I’ve requested a subscription that is set to go live on the 31st of March. When we moved in I noticed that despite it already being plugged in and switched on the open reach box as pictured doesn’t have any lights on at all. 

Just guessing but is this because the deal I have with BT hasn’t gone live yet? Because I haven’t plugged the Ethernet into anything? Or is this gonna be a problem down the line?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: New Build Open Reach

You are not locked to BT at all, but not many ISPs offer FTTP.

The ONT doesn't appear to be powered up.

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Re: New Build Open Reach

I have just set up a system in a new build. The box of stuff turned up before turn on time so it could all be set up.


There is a power adaptor that plugs into the mains and the other end plugs into the FTTP box, this powers it all up.

Then a cable from the FTTP box goes into the WAN connector on the back of the router BT post out to you.


The only problem I have is that the FTTP box was put into a cupboard in the middle of the flat with no ethernet cabling to the main room where I wanted to put the router. A phone call to BT and they provided a powerline adapter set.

So I ended up with 

FTTP cable to powerline, plugged in where the HTTP power adaptor was fitted, then in the living room, powerline in the socket and a cable to the Router.

Most people advise that before you connect your router to the internet, log into the admin menu and turn off the Smart Setup option.


Also, both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wireless networks have the same SSID and password and it cannot be changed (seems to be a deliberate decision by BT), so you have no choice which band your devices connect to.

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