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New Build Phone Line Problems

I've been converting an old farm building over the last nine months.


In September last year I contacted OpenReach to start the ball rolling on getting a phone line and broadband set up.


I sent in all the forms, site maps and co ordinates of the nearest telegraph pole, they in turn sent in all the ducting for us to prepare the site for their arrival nearer the time.


I gave BT notice that we were moving out of our old home at the beginning of May and told them to make arrangements to process the line for the property we had converted. All this was confirmed as to be done on 1st June.


I received a phone call the week before from the bt engineers to say that they had the job down for 1st June and wanted to know which telegraph pole the line would be taken from, I confirmed all this with them and waited for 1st



We dug the trenches , placed all the ducting and generally prepared the site.


The day arrived - the automated system said that they were booked in for the 8am to 1pm slot - as the morning progressed I waited and periodically checked the line - still due to come for 1pm.


At 1.15pm I tried and eventually succeeded to speak with someone who could tell me straightaway that nothing was going to happen.


I'm ashamed to say ,I went ballistic. We were counting on the line to be installed so that we could complete all the yard work the following week to fill in the trenches and complete the build.


The chap on the end of the line then told me that I'd not have an update until Weds 6th June, due to the Bank holiday weekend.


Weds came , nothing. Thursday came, nothing. In fact I heard nothing until Monday 11th June - already 10 days over when our phone line should have been installed - and that was because I phoned to find out what the hell was happening.


Holding on the phone for 20 mins whilst the lady went to great pains to sort things out - turns out that the order just hadn't been processed and was never going to get done for the 1st June.


So , with this in mind , when do you think BT would hurry around to install a job that they should have done at the start of June -  the 29th June.


Totally disgusted -  I've been let down badly by a company that I've put all my phone and internet requirements through since I've been a homeowner. And whatsmore they couldn't give a toss.


My response was that this was their problem and that they needed to resolve it immediately - "it's the soonest we can do" At the risk of sounding like a self important oaf -  I went on to suggest seeing as I'd been let down so badly that surely getting a phone line installed in our home was a priority over others. 


It is not.


British Telecom , I am just sick of your lack of customer focus/ services.

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Re: New Build Phone Line Problems

Hi I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get your problem sorted for you this is a link to them
they normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days

They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved
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Re: New Build Phone Line Problems


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Re: New Build Phone Line Problems

Oh wow, a b***s up on a new build, don't see that very often. Smiley Indifferent

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