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New Connection Repeatedly Cancelled and Terrible Customer Service

I placed an order for a new BT line connection abd broadband back on the 14th July. Initially given the mandatory 2 week week with a date of the 4th of August.

Not great as I work from home but hey I can work around this temporarily. I make arrangements for a day off work on the connection date and just two days prior I get one of the BT useless text messages saying my connection will now take place on the 12th August. No explanation no number to call no apology.

Firstly this cold type text message delivery is terrible customer service and secondly the information in it is less than helpful.

So at this point its too late to change my leave wit my employer so I have wasted one annual leave day on BT. That makes me very angry as I don't get much leave each year.

After calling BT I am assured that it will go ahead on the 12th so another two weeks of making alternative working arrangements is now becoming a big pain.

I arrange the 12th as annual leave only for someone to call me the day before and explain the line connection will not happen tomorrow. They cannot give me a new date of when my line and broadband will be connected neither so right now I have nothing to plan against for working from home.

This is a new estate and it is bizarre that my neighbours have line connection. Neighbours across the street a stones throw away.

So BT, I have wasted 2 of my annual leave days on your non delivery of services and have an order in progress for which no one can give me a date to work towards ....

...Can someone actually give me real date so I can plan not work and personal life?
...I have been told I will get £10 credit for losing a days annual leave, do you really think this is adequate for the history and current state of this order?

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Re: New Connection Repeatedly Cancelled and Terrible Customer Service

Hi cber07,


Welcome and thanks for posting. Sorry you're having problems getting the line connected. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. Drop me an email with the details, including any order reference numbers you have. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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Re: New Connection Repeatedly Cancelled and Terrible Customer Service

Hello David.

As requested I have submitted an email.


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