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New Customer - All my experiences so far have been bad

My experience so far after joining BT from Sky on 12th Aug.


  1. Joined on 12th August - nice lady on the phone tells me she has managed to secure me a Saturday (30/8) appointment for an broadband engineer, other services (phone, tv) will be available on 30/8
  2. I get an email confirming the date the engineer will visit (30/8), and the date the vision box (28/8) will arrive
  3. I get a mysterious empty bag in the post from BT asking me to return fault products, I call up BT on 22/8 to check what the bag is, they say it's a mistake and there is nothing wrong with the order
  4. I take the day off work (28/8) to collect the vision box as it says you need to be there to sign for it
  5. The box doesn't arrive, day off work wasted
  6. I call BT on 28/8 to ask what's up and they say that my whole order has been stopped because the engineer would never go out on a saturday. Not that the order has been attempted to move, or I have had a call from BT to explain the problem, that my WHOLE order (tv, broadband, phone) has been stopped and it is only because I've just called them that I know the state of the order. As such, no services will be available as promised.
  7. I explain that I have no TV, Phone or Broadband and that my wife works from home so this is a major problem. I get told than an expert will call me and take me through the process, however, for some reason this wont be for another four days (1/9) before I am contacted to find another date
  8. I will now have to take another day off for the engineer (my wife doesn't want to be responsible for discussing the installation with the engineer), and my wife will have to buy a 3G dongle (we do not get bt free wifi reception) so that she can still work.

I've only been with BT for 3 weeks now, but I've been let down by silly mistakes, poor service and I'm still waiting in a house without any services.

This isn't the service I expected ... I think moving to BT was a mistake.


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Re: New Customer - All my experiences so far have been bad

Hi Mellidav,


Welcome to the community forum. I can take a look at the details of your complaint. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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