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New Customer-Not impressed so far

New Customer order my Bt line and Broadband package on 20th September for delivery and connection on 5th October. Brilliant fantastic ordering process customer services explained everything and order complete.And was told on 5th Oct Hub will be delivered and an engineer will be round to do the usual checks and then id be up and running by midnight.


Fantastic right!! excellent sales customer service and regular emails with updates


1st October move into New flat all goes well


5 days till internet whoop whoop in mean time we will use BT FON, still smiling yipee!


5th October- 11am BT Hub arrived Brilliant!


5th October- 4pm wheres the engineer


5th October - 5pm we shall give BT a call, no engineer coming not required, oh ok we wait till next day to check line


6th October - 8am Line not working


6th October - I say to my partner to pop to shop today to buy a cheap new phone to check that ours is working.


6th october - midday ish connected new phone nothing ๐Ÿ˜ž hmmm unhappy


6th October - midday till now numerous phone calls from one customer service agent to another holding for 10 or 20 mins.


Responses we get:


Oh your line is working? Um no it isn't


It should be give it another day? excuse me my subscription started today? does that mean im still paying for a service im not recieving?


answer yes Sir!


excuse me


well you are getting 3 months free sir so whats a few days here and there (not exact words)


ok brilliant so if i dont get connected in those three months shall I continue to pay.


another conversation with another customer service person


My phone is not connected? answer oh might be a fault shall we call an engineer for you? my answer yes please? ok it will cost ยฃ130


excuse me i ordered this subscription, i bought it as i was told the line is in working and an engineer will come round and switch the line on


how wrong was I?


So BT answers to my questions?


Line rental am i paying this from the 5th or from when it gets connected?

Why was I told an engineer will be coming round to connect the line when this was a lie?

Why did I have to spend at least 50 minutes in ques on your lines for the numerous phone calls i have made?

Why when I ask to speak to a supervisor am I told they are busy?

Why when I ask to be put through to complaints I'm told there is no complaints department?

Why am I told oh well you got 3 months free so that is fine?

Why did my partner have to take the day off work for a non exsistant engineer?

Why am i told the line is work when it is not?

Why am I told to just grit my teeth and just accept i have no internet and phone line?

In the mean I'm glad we have access to BT FON however my phone I have anytime minutes to use on my 3 months free, my mobile phone isn't free? who pays for those phone calls do you not even offer good will gestures to your customers, as ive repeatedly explained everything to a customer service advisor many times and they have just said sorry sir the line has been reported and you got 3 month 3 so you gotta wait till its connected im afraid.

Why when u choose the option to cancel / leave bt you get connected within ummmmmmmm 10 seconds? wierd that thought id try every option lol


Let me end this with I'm not having a go at any one at bt if i was in your job and recieved the same story every day i would be the same and would even probably have an office competition to see how long i could string on a customer too... so i get the banter im very chillled.


I'm currently a serving soldier in Qatar Al Udeid on a 6 month tour while my partner moves into our flat and gets everything connected the only means of communication is through skype and the landline... please please get this sorted, this causes undue unneccessary stress to me and my partner and when a line is not active why the **bleep**  do you give the response oh yeh sir your still be billed for a service your not seems you have terms and condition to protect BT so we cant end are contracts early but you have clearly failed to deliver a fair and common sense approach to your customers..


I know its only a few pounds here and there and im only a small egg in your huge company however im still there and i expect to be treated the same whether I have one land line or 200 landlines serving a big company.


why is an engineer not immediately called in im sure it would be called straight in for a large company which had multi million pound contracts with yourselves. instead I get told to grit my teeth in so many words.


Rant over please respond, oh BTW im in qatar i have a mobile but please dont call it it costs me money to answer ๐Ÿ™‚ emails and answers to the questions are good enough. just so we your customers can feel appreciated and maybe we will be loyal and become to love BT the BT we remember when we were children now it seems you let down your customers with no regard to them as people, just the amount of money they pay..


PS.. FREE MONTHS FREE WHOOPY DOO can i please just have a connection

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Re: New Customer-Not impressed so far

this is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence are the Forum Moderators try this link
they normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 72 hours when you contact them send a link to this thread in the post

They are a UK based specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved
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Re: New Customer-Not impressed so far

Already done that thanks anyway.. Every base covered fella.. Formal letter prepped for the post aswell... All im interested in is answers to questions... main question is why am i paying line rental for a service i am not receiving? but also all answer need answering...even an apology...

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Re: New Customer-Not impressed so far

When did you contact the forum Mods they normally reply direct to you within 72 hours they certainly will be able to get your problem solved for you
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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: New Customer-Not impressed so far

Hi 25172517,

I can't see an email from you in our queue, can you use the link john46 gave so we can check your details?

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Re: New Customer-Not impressed so far

Ok, refilled that out now strange I got a reference number too before but as im at work have no access to my civillian emails. many thanks though

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