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New Customer Rant - order messed up and no support from BT........

From looking at the forums it appears that people actually get a sensible reply from a BT moderator, so lets give it a try! 


After years of persisting with Sky's awful broadband (drops out all the time), I had decided to switch to BT infinity with TV package - a great deal, its cheaper than Sky and means I can cancel my Sky Multiroom too!


Or maybe not.....So on Wednesday I placed my order online, ordering the Infinity 1 package with phone line and Free TV start pack.  I also decided to pay the extra £3 to get the BT sport online and through the app - my hubby will be chuffed! The order was quick and simple to do, and I started getting lots of emails from BT to welcome me and tell be planned dates for delivery, switch on, far so good. 


However, I checked through the emails later that night and noticed that none of the confirmations said anything about the TV set top box.  So I thought I'd give BT a call to check - and this is where the problems started......


I spent 45 minutes on the phone, 25 of which were on hold.  To be told that because I chose the online/app option as an add on to my package I wouldn't be sent a set top box.  But how would I watch TV, I asked?  I would have to wait for all of the other products to be delivered then call BT back to place another order, is what I was told. That is crazy, I said - can a Manager call me? 


No problem, says the call centre - the manager will call you tomorrow. Funnily enough, no Manager called me the next day, or the next, or the next.  So, fed up of waiting, I called again on Saturday, to spend another 30 minutes on hold.  I thought I'd try the online chat instead - surely that would be quicker? Apparently not - another 30 minutes of waiting, then again being fobbed off to three different departments, and told that no-one could help me as I have been passed to the broadband team, not the TV team.  Again I asked for a Manager to call me as no-one seems to be willing to help - all I want is for the correct order to be delivered, without having to cancel orders or call back multiple times to place extra orders - surely that is not too much to ask? I asked for the chat transcripts to be emailed to me, but they were never sent. 


So, on Monday a Manager finally called me - I missed the call! They left a message to say they would arrange another call back but not I started another online chat.  Another 40 minutes on hold, then got through to someone else who told me that if I had cancelled my original order and redone it I wouldn't be having these problems.........aarrrggghh!


Why did no-one tell me that? apparently the order is now being processed (even though I made them aware it was incorrect) so I can't change it.  And it is impossible to have more than one order per customer (really?). And as the order is due to arrive next week I can't cancel it either now, without causing a delay to my service. 


Again, I asked for a Manager to call me and was assured that I would recieve a call after 4.30 on Monday........well now it is Tuesday lunchtime and I am still waiting. 


For a New Customer, this must be the worst customer service I have ever experienced - I cannot believe that a large company like BT are incapable of correcting or adding to an order - it is only a small problem, and in the grand scheme of things won't have a major impact on getting my broadband switched over, but it is sooooo frustrating to try and sort out - I have spend 4 hours on the phone or doing live chat and everyone I have had the misfortune to deal with so far has been unhelpful, impolite, even cut me off at one point.  I'd like to think I am not rude and I haven't sworn at anyone, so this is only making me more and more angry. 


BT Moderators - help!




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Re: New Customer Rant - order messed up and no support from BT........

Hi @CherylB


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for your post!


I'm sorry for the difficulty you have had making changes to your order.  I do appreciate the amount of time you have spent speaking with my colleagues both over the phone and on live chat.


I realise that this hasn't been a great start to your BT services and I'm very sorry for the problems that you have had.  We'll be happy to pick this up and straighten everything out for you however we are extremely busy at the moment and it will take us at least 7 days to get round to you.


Do you want to send over your details and in the meantime let this order complete?  By the time we get round to picking up your case we can sort out the TV side of things and we can chat about the overall complaint at that stage too.


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: New Customer Rant - order messed up and no support from BT........

I have used the contact us link as requested - I have also finally received an email response from BT Technical Help :  



1. I know BT TV was missing from the order - that is why I contacted BT in the first place. 

2. I clearly must have chosen BT TV during the order process to be able to updaet it to BT Sport online. 


Awesome job guys Smiley Mad



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Re: New Customer Rant - order messed up and no support from BT........

Hi @CherylB,


I've had a look at our email queue, I can see we received your details on the 19th. There are a few cases ahead of you in the queue and we'll be in touch as soon as your case reaches the top. 







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