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New Email Format

I have just come across the new email format and am having seriuos problems and hope somebody can help becuase over 6 hours today BT have failed. For me at least here are the problems

1 The system does not appear to be supported on Firefox whereas its predecessor was.

2 My inbox screen has three adverts that take up a significant part of the usable screen.

3 I can only see my inbox -- no other files such as drafts, sent, junk, trash, spam and old history files can be found.

4 When I sought assistance the BT helper coould not see my screen because for him it was black

5 My screen colour was changed when trying to use the new mail system with a message something on the lines of "the background colour I currently used was not supported by windows 7 " yet I have been using it on 7 for a long time. When I close down it goes back to my set colour.

6 Page scrolling seems difficult as is opening emails in the inbox. The view of the emails is awful.

The system I regret to say for me is pretty much unusable and nobody can fix it. As I said above maybe somebody out there can. Only option other than my IPhone is to go elsewhere.

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Re: New Email Format

No consolation to you but if you look through the forum you will see others are having similar problems.

You could consider using an email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. They behave in a similar manner to the email app on your iphone.

In my and many others opinion an email client is the best way to access your email. No adverts, rules can be easily set up, folders easily set up and most importantly you can include a back up of your emails in your backup regime and store them safely.

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Re: New Email Format

1. It works fine on Firefox, not sure what issue you have
2. Yes, not great about the adverts
3. This is to with a zoom setting that others have reported, reduce zoom to 70 or 80 percent and you will see the folders to the left

Not sure about the rest
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Re: New Email Format

BT changed the email format for some users in December last year and since then there have been dozens of complaints posted. However, some personnel at 'head office' refuse to accept that I am not the only customer who has complained about this new format. A BT tech guy shared my screen on a couple of  weeks ago and agreed there were problems which BT were trying to resolve.  BT now deny that any employee phoned me and shared my screen even though I have the phone number and the date and the amount of time he spent trying to help.  BT refuse to accept that there is any problem even though it is obvious they are trying to rectify the situation. You can see the various tweaks they are making as the screen changes overnight. I am really not happy with the way BT has handled my complaint. And I wonder whether there is any point in approaching the Ombudsman about this shoddy treatment of customers.

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Re: New Email Format

The Ombudsman will not deal with complaints until you have exhausted the BT complaints procedure and even then it is unlikely to do anything because email is not regulated.

You would be better to

a) use an email client or

b) explain fully what your problem is to see what the forum members can suggest to help.

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Re: New Email Format

Problem here is that BT categorically deny that anyone else is fed up with the new format - and this is the crux of the matter. And then we have these other employees from BT phoning me trying to resolve the issues and admitting there is a problem...its a really weird set up. And I am definitely going to seek some advice from the LGO as BT seem inflexible on this issue.