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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

@tasmanuk Mesh systems are much better than range extenders. I have tried range extenders in the past and although  cheaper option, there are lags when transitioning from main router to wifi extender and vice-versa. In my experience, mesh systems work flawlessly, the switching is seamless and you never notice at all. Which is I guess the purpose of them.

Not all mesh systems are created equal though, so do your research before deciding what will work best for you.

I didn't personally worry too much about wifi 6 when I bought mine because I have no wifi 6 devices and the good wifi 6 mesh systems were around double the price of the Deco M9s that I picked up on the big sale day that a certain massive online retailer has. I figured by the time I have a few wifi 6 devices, those mesh systems would have come down considerably in price and probably improved a lot during the intervening period. But some people will prefer to get into wifi 6 now rather than getting wifi 5 and then having to make another purchase 2 years down the line.

I think you are looking the 3 pack of M5 vs the 2 pack of M9. The M9 are a more expensive product, has more antennas, dedicated wifi backhaul etc.

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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

Have now done a bit of research and think I will go for the Asus ZenWifi AX Mini (XD4). As that is wifi 6 that will future proof me. Just need to decide if I need a 2 pack or 3 pack now (about £100 difference)

Am I right in thinking I replace my SH2 with one of these, which becomes the router?


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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

Yes, you replace the SH2. All you need to do is configure it to use PPPoE and set the following.


Password: BT

Note: If you go for digital voice you MUST use the SH2, better to go for a third party VoIP.

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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

Yes, it can completely replace your SH2. You can connect the main Zen directly to the Openreach ONT and put the SH2 somewhere safe for when you will eventually need to return it to BT.

You could keep the SH2 plugged in too and have it as a go-between, but there isn't really an advantage of doing it that way, other than it's easier for BT to do their standard troubleshooting steps if an issue ever arises. But if that happens, you could always just plug the SH2 back in at that point.

The SH2 will also form part of the BT Wifi public hotspot service too, if it is plugged in.

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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

Thankyou to everyone for your help so far. After 10 years of basic but very reliable copper line internet it is a big jump that I am about to take and I want to make sure I get the right kit to maximise the speeds I can get. I still have the option of getting an electrician to wire up my house with ethernet cable but it sounds like I may not have to. Appreciate that I am probably asking my questions in the wrong forum now but as it is my post I hope that is ok.

What is the benefit of a Mesh system over a stand alone Wifi 6 enabled router like the Nighthawk or Asus model?

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Re: New FTTP Connection Query

They are different things.

A mesh system provides seamless wifi coverage from a number of different locations, the standalone router will only provide wifi at that location and extra wifi access points would need to be provided at the dead spots to give coverage, but devices wouldn't roam seamlessly between them as they do with a mesh system.

If you go for Ethernet, get a network guy rather than an electrician.