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New FTTP installation

I had FTTP 900/110 installed 2 days ago after the first installation appointment was missed by OR/Kelly Comms.

Since the installation my speeds are as follows:-

Download ~380MB/s, Upload ~50Mb/s.

The speeds are the same whether I connect via Wifi (Ipad Pro) or laptop wired with Cat 6 directly into the back of the SH2. I have tried multiple Cat6 cables and switched between the SH2 ports but not seen any change

I would believe that the Upload is being capped at 50Mb/s, and the low speeds using wired suggests that the HH2 could be faulty.

I have an engineer booked for the 25th which is the first available appointment.

I am a little disappointed that the speeds are not even half of the advertised speeds.

I did request a replacement SH2 but the Fibre helpline declined this and I would have to wait for the engineer to attend first...

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