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New Fibre/line activation issue

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So I'll be moving into a new property next monday and I have set up the fibre to home service (The property is suitable for it). However I have arranged the activation date to be today.


I've just got an email stating :


Important: you'll need to follow steps 1 and 2 straightaway or, from the next working day after you get this email, you won't be able to get a dial tone.

How to switch it on

  1. Make sure your Hub is switched on.
  2. Slide back the spring-loaded cover on the top of your main phone socket and you'll see a small switch. Use a pen or something similar to move the switch from 'Copper' to 'Fibre', then release the spring-loaded cover.
  3. When you've finished steps 1 and 2, you need to switch on your phone service. To do this dial xxxxxxx and listen to the message.

I won't be able to do these steps until monday. Will that cause any problems? Also how would I go on with dialing the number asked if I do not own a phone? Do I have to buy one just for the purpose of activating my fibre/line?

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Re: New Fibre/line activation issue

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it will not cause any problems but yes you do need a phone you can buy a basic phone for around £5 it is worth having a phone available as you can use to contact BT free
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