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New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Hi Guys. 
Current BT contract ending soon. Happy to continue with broadband & tv. 
BT TV package currently is Max HD which I got for £19 per month fir 18 months. As of 1 November it’s gone up £4 and when contract ends on 27 Nov it looks like it’s going up further. 
I want BT sport. 
Am I right in thinking the £15 per month flexible package for BT Sport will get me this plus normal free Jew channels obviously? No other charges fir the TV bit of the contract?
Will try & call BT to chat it through but wanted to ask here. 

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Re: New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Your Max HD promotion includes :

28 premium Entertainment channels
BT Sport
HD Addon
Kids Addon

If you move to BT Sport on the new packes you'll have BT Sport.
You can add the HD Addon, if you want, it's an addon and can be removed with 30 days notice.

Freeview, Catchup, AMC, Boxnation and access to the BT Store are available still on the old legacy packs and the new at no extra cost.

Hope that helps clear up any confusion 🙂

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Re: New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Yes you are correct, however HD will cost you £5 more. 

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Re: New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Hang tight, Black Friday is coming. Wait and see what BT offer.

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Re: New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Currently have discounted Max HD at £14.50 p/m, contract ending in Feb. They don't do that package anymore. All I wanted was BT Sport in HD/4k which I get now. Called customer service yesterday. To get this now it is £15p/m plus £5 for HD.

Cancelled the TV package completely. I don't really watch any of the extra channels and I'm not paying £20p/m for BT Sport. However they are offering 3 months half price. Still wasn't value for me given how much I get chance to watch it.

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Re: New Flexible TV Packages - BT Sport

Thank you. 
all sorted now with new BT contract. 

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