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New HUB offer by text

I have received a couple of texts this morning. The first was from BT_SMS, addressed to me by name and includung the last 3 digits of my landline number. It said my broadband hub is out of date and I would be able to get a new one, free of charge, by responding to another text to be sent shortly from 61998. The second text duly arrived, similarly addressed, asking me to reply with the word "HUB" to get the replacement. It all seems genuine, just want to check that it is before I respond. Can anyone help please?

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Re: New HUB offer by text

Sounds highly dubious to me. I'd call BT and confirm that it's genuine. In my experience, anything like that is normally by email

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Re: New HUB offer by text


61998 appears to be a legitimate number.


Also the text is addressing you by name and includes last few digits of your landline number, information scammers usually don't know.


Call them if you're still unsure.

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Re: New HUB offer by text

Hub is out of date? If it works don't try to fix it!

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Re: New HUB offer by text

61998 is a genuine BT number but that in itself means nothing as scammers have ways of making scams look like they're coming from a genuine source.

Login to MYBT and check your offers

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Re: New HUB offer by text

Hi, I got a text like this too, I was suspicious as we only just had full fibre installed. I checked with bt and they confirmed that the text was a scam and although the number used was a bt text number it was falsified.

I was surprised actually, the message was very bt language. 

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Re: New HUB offer by text

I had a similar text today and it asked me to reply with "HUB2".

I contacted BT and the person said he could find no record of it and would 'flag' it and advised me to ignore the text.