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New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet



Today I've used VPN connection on my wifi laptop - OK, but found that I now can't access internet at the same time. I could do so with the last hub (also a HH2). Why is this different now and what do I need to do to overcome this? Other devices both wired and wireless can connect to net fine whilst my laptop is on VPN.


Any ideas?

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Re: New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet

The object of a VPN is to provide a secure "tunnel" to a remote host. If the client computer could access the Internet at the same time, then this would present a security issue.

Normally the firewall would be automatically configured to prevent this from occurring. Sometimes additional "tunnel guard" software is installed to add an extra layer of protection.

I would suspect that the security of your VPN client has been recently upgraded
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Re: New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet

Thanks for the reply Keith.


On Friday I could use VPN and internet, on weekend I swapped HH2 due to a problem with the BB Talk function, then today I cannot use VPN and internet. As a non-techie I'm now stuck between 2 service providers each seeming to say it's the other's equipment that is to blame. Earlier I was advised by the VPN providers as follows (I've blanked out my employer's name):


"When the VPN connection is made, you are attached to a new network (the

********** one) and as such the "gateway" device that is used for

internet access /*can*/ change. However the SSL-VPN unit we use at

********** (and the NetExtender you run on your computer) deal with

this by forcing the gateway back to your local network.


All I can think at the moment is that your new BT device is "blocking"

this alteration, so it is a BT thing and not something we can control

... I'll continue investigating but its not going to be a quick thing

I'm afraid. You could try calling BT your self if you like as they may

be able to help you resolve it faster than I can, after all its their

router & network 🙂


You'd need to stress (if you do call them) that this was /*all*/ working

fine before their new device was plugged in. If you like get them to

email any configuration changes to us ( and we can

take over from that point.


Basically something in their router and their router configuration

software is "handing over" the gateway function (internet access) to the

VPN connection (i.e. when you make the NetExtender connection). We could

try de-installing the NetExtender software and re-installing but I'm not

sure it would fix the problem.


As mentioned, I need to investigate a bit more myself to properly

understand what is going on, but suffice to say that it all worked

before and now doesn't !"


I would like to leave you both to slog it out then come back and tell me what to do. Can you do that and do you want account details?

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Re: New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet

I am just a contributor to this forum and not employed by BT, so I cannot really offer any other help.


Normally the default gateway would point to the BT Home Hub when you access the Internet.  Once a VPN is established then you are in fact using the remote host to provide the Internet, usually via a proxy server.


I can see the product that you are using Netextender, but I am afraid my knowlege of these products is very limited.


It may be possible that another forum user may understand what is going on.

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Re: New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet


A Guess


Have you tried removing the VPN connection settings completely & then re-entering your settings.


This may be similar to the Wifi problem when changing routers, some of the parameters belonging to the old router may have been stored by the laptop/VPN application resulting in some incompatible parameters being passed to the new router?



"I have this awful feeling someone is watching every move I make (one of my pet hates is router location tagging)." Marvin (A paranoid Android)
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Re: New HomeHub2 now VPN can't be used alongside internet

I think you require what is called Split Tunnelling - you require access to the VPN for you mail connection but you also want to browse the Intenet directly.


For a number of VPN services this is set-up in the browser. For IE8 this would be Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings (or the equivalent in other browsers). For Split Tunnelling you need to ensure that all the options in LAN Settings (3 in IE8) are de-selected so the browser is using BT's DNS.


Sometimes companies will pre-configure with an automatic script called a 'proxypac' so you use their gateway and DNS when VPN connected and your own ISP DNS when not.


Anyway, it certainly looks like a DNS issue so give that a quick look first.

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