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New Infinity 2 speed problems

I got Infinity 2 installed last week ( Wednesday ) and the engineer did say that the speed will take 3 days to get stable, have done already 7 days and i get around 37.98 Mbps download and 5.88 Mbps upload, i have done this test in , and I have done another one with and got lower values 37.21 Mbps download and 5.67 Mbps upload. I'm at 1Mile from the exchange that is Worcester Park .


When i order my pack ( TV, Phone and internet ) i did got a average speed between  39-55 for download speed, and 7-12 for upload speed, and i did phone to the customer support and ask about the speed, and they did guaranteed that speed and probably more ( that was what they said)


I have a Bt Hub 5, and I have it connect to my desktop with Ethernet cable, have try to do the speed test with Wi-Fi but is a bit slower.


In my Hub page I got this information’s:



VDSL Line Status
Connection Information
Line state:Connectedppp3_0
Connection time:0 days, 19:22:47
Downstream:39.66 Mbps
Upstream:6.097 Mbps image:



Is there anything that i can do to get better speeds?


Thank you in advance




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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

Speeds are not guaranteed by any ISP all speeds are estimates

It is possible that the DLM has seen the line as unstable and reduced your IP profile in an attempt to stabilise the line I suggest just leaving the connection alone for about 2 weeks and see if the DLM releases the speed if the stability improves
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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

Thank you for your reply john46,


If they are not guaranteed i don't know, the lady from customer service said that to me that the guaranteed speed will be between that range.


Is anything that i can do to improve the speed?


Thank you


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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

Hi Resende, i recently had infinity 2 installed and everything seemed great, speeds jumping around at start but over the last few days i get a steady 71 down and 12 up on my laptop ( hardwired)


Ran a speed test on my gaming pc upstairs and was only getting 25 down and 12 up ? weird i thought so done a few more and still the same. bought new cat 6 cable no change, put my laptop on my new cable and 71 down..


I have 2 installs of windows on my pc so ran on the one i dont use and i got 71 down,, rebooted pc and ran on my regular install and only got 25 down again, so problem is a programme on my pc, dont know which yet but !


Advice try another device or 2 on a wired connection and see what you get first , might be the same issue i have, if you post back stats from another laptop or pc, think i might have a virus somewhere that is chocking mine..

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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

You are luck. My Infinity 2 gives me 15mb at best, usually 12. I can't get anyone at BT to answer my complaints. Why am I paying for Infinity 2 wnen 1 would be cheaper. I advise anybody not to fall for this con and go with someone else.

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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

I don't think I would call it a "con" you need to but a lot of varible into the FTTC network to find out roughly what service you can expect, the distance from the cab, the quality of the line, your setup, it is endless, and if you think your going to get breakneck speeds from FTTC if you are more than 500 meters away then you need to think again or try the other companies.


If you have problems fill in the relavent online forms, or post it here in detail with stats to backup your problem then a mod might catch it and help out.


One thing I have learnt about BT, they are in no hurry to sort any thing out. (unless you fall behind on your subscriptions, lol)

What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞
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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

Check the pc or laptop you are using honestley, i thought i was running a fast clean up to date custom pc that cost alot of money to build and it turns out a programme or virus is blocking my download speed,


I nearly jumped in and complained, glad i didnt as the fault is on my PC.

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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

fundog - her router is connected at 37mbps. It's not her computer or any other devices.

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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

But we need to see the noise margin too. This can be found in Troubleshooting, Helpdesk.

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Re: New Infinity 2 speed problems

@matt-thepie wrote:

fundog - her router is connected at 37mbps. It's not her computer or any other devices.

Just noticed that,, stats from her router and her line profile would be good too,

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