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New Infinity, old Indian problems.

After 2 years of waiting our small village finally got Fibre, switched on yesterday about 1pm, I returned home at 1.30pm to find my download speed was only 20mb. 


When ordering the estimate was 35-50mb down and 8.4-11.6mb up with a guaranteed download speed of 31mb. 


Obviously I was aware something wasnt quite right, so i did the usual, reset the router, tried in a different socket, tried in the master socket both with and without the BT broadband accelerator and also direct into the test socket.  most interesting of all the test socket gave a significantly worse reading (7mb/4mb).


I'll also point out that before fibre, my speed was 6mb in the downstiars (non master) socket. For some strange reason the naster socket is in a bedroom. 

Anyway, neighbours and various around the village had speeds of 2.5mb (BT's estimate prior to fibre) 

So I admit I was very lucky to get 6mb, but it also shows there where clearly no issues with my line, and plugging in the smart hub on Tuesday increased my speed from 6mb to 6.5mb 


Now, after realising im now getting 20mb., I was a little surprised to find others (the same ones who where oroginally getting half my speed) who had also switched to fibre where getting around 38-40mb.


I went onto the BT website and waited 40 minites for the chat to locate an agent to speak to, and finally got through to an Indian lady (Ramini or something like that)

I sent through screenshots showing the routers configuration and its soeeds of 20-21mb downstream and tried to explain it is supoosed to be a guaranteed 31mb with a 35-50 estimate. 

She went on to ask me to reset the connection, unplug all devices, even showed me how to change my ssid whoch2 I informed her repeatedly I had already tried all these steps and it doesn't matter if im connecting wireless or wored because im giving her images of the actual router speed so its irrelevent what speeds making its way to my laptop (which for arguments sake was 20.5mb and 9.5mb on a 21mb/10mb connection. 


So, long story i know. Thanks for sticking with me, im basically guaranteed 31, esromated 35-50 and getting 21 max. ??????


I have no faith at all in the indian calk centees or chat agents, especially when Im told they will reset the line and call me back in 1-2 hours and 4 hours later I've heard nothing, and after another reset speeds are still exactly the same (21/10)


More details, due to my requirements I went for infinity 2, hoping the upstream would be above 9.5 as I use up as much as down.  


And finally. A fault i know nothing about. ... 

Ok this has proba ly answered my own question, but when I check on BT it says I reported a fault at 11.07am

At this time fivre wasn't turned on, but i did go via the router to 'test my connection' which took me via the bt fault page to do a speed test. 

I didn't register a fault then, but im not sure if the system did, or if BT know theres an issue from installing. 

The fault also lists '1 retail servers'  so again pretty sure its not my side. So would this explain my slower speeds. 


Even more confusing, as Im not hitting the gauranteed minimum of 31mb, Ive already started looking at other options, and when checking talk talk, entering my postcode and number their website says im already a customer although couldn't look into it as their my account section is down. 

(since my wife moved in 3 years ago and I moved in 2 years ago she had utility warehouse and I moved to BT so no idea why talk talk think we are customers.  


Unless its because we where getting 6mb and everyone else was getting 2.5mb. 

When we first switched to BT from utility warehouse we where without for about 3 weeks due to exceeding capacity problems. 

It is believed we where added to another board, and the only other people in the village getting 5mb+ where not with BT and after enquiries where told they where on another board ???

Could this explain talktalk thinking we are customers. Or the reason we are getting 20mb


Thankyou for reading through my little essay, im hoping its sorted soon as we've generally had good service from BT


, however I need to know of this is a quick fix, will i have to endure many more hours with indian call centres and chat reps who patronise you when you have already done what theyre reading from a screen. 

Is it likely to be an internal issue or are the retail servers responsible. 

I just can't understand why everyone else is comfortably on 40mb and im stuck on 20

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Re: New Infinity, old Indian problems.

if you have a HH5 can you go to hub manager then trobleshooting then helpdesk and post 1-12




can you run btspeedtester and when first test completes then run diagnostic test and post results  must be done with wired connection  btspeedtester


can you use the test socket with a new filter? without iplate 


can you enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number wholesale FTTC check




try quiet line test   dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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