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New Infinity user - this normal during first 10 days?

Had BT Infinity installed on Tuesday this week and for the first 2 days it was as good as hoped.


It was estimated woulde get around 79 meg d/load and around 19 u/load before the install, and that is what we got on the day, and for the Wednesday too. From memory, the BT online speed checker (with the graphic that shows exchange to house speed, then house to computer speed) was showing us as getting between 76 and 79 meg when it was run, all very nice 🙂


Yesterday morning woke up to find no internet at all - could not load a web page, and then over the course of the morning it slowly came back on, but not to the speeds we were getting. most of yesterday the speed checker was telling me I had download speed of 14 meg, but upload of 19!


Each time the speed checker shows speed to house as being 79 meg, then house to computer speed fluctuates widly.

This morning I ran the test and got a download speed of 73 meg, then a few mins later it was back to 14 meg.


So, is this type of extreme normal during the 10 days learning period??

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Re: New Infinity user - this normal during first 10 days?

Not normal to fluctuate so much.

Are you testing using a wired or wireless connection?  Wireless could explain it.


The tester your used shown quite pretty graphics, but the speed to house they quote is a misleading figure.  Instead try the speedtest at and after the test choose ‘Further Diagnostics’ and post the speeds and the profiles that this gives.  The results will be pretty similar, but a little easier to interpret.


It is worth rebooting the router occasionally; or even disconnecting and reconnecting via the web interface .  That can rule out some oddities both within the router itself and in the way the different parts of the FTTC infrastructure interact with each other.



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Re: New Infinity user - this normal during first 10 days?

Wireless - but have not been using the BT HH3 - but the Apple kit I have used for few years and that has had no interference issues. I have put the HH3 back in when things went wrong, but that made little difference. The 2 days of no problems clouds the water for me too.


Will run the other speed test page you spoke of and come back.

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Re: New Infinity user - this normal during first 10 days?

I'm seeing much the same thing. Using a wired connection to the 7800N router I have.


Install on Tuesday, I see 75Mb up and 18Mb down. (Line rating at about 77/19) Nice! Everything is running great, I see no dropped packets at the router level and everything is fast.


I wake up in the morning, it's down to about half that. I restart the modem, it goes back to 75/18. Things are good.


Thursday,  same again.


This morning, not only is it now showing a line rating that's down to 38/14 but it's noticeably slow. Web pages take a while to load, there's no "snappiness" to things. My 18Mb DSL connection was better than this. Resetting everything yields the same result.


I'm less than 100m from the cab (as my initial speeds should tell you), so what in the heck is going on? How can Infinity be slower than DSL? I know Be was a very good DSL provider and all, but I'm impressed that they had better DSL than BT's FttC!


So yes, it seems normal. The question is whether it will sort itself.

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