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Re: New Modem Router

The words I quoted came today from the Draytek website from the spec of the 2850n.

AIUI 17a is *max* 100, and 30a is *max* 200, so kit could legitimitely support the protocols but still have a limit of 50.

But I hope you're right!

At 90, are you on FTTP? Most interested in what the consumer-side hardware is. Do you get a fibre box that connects to the 2750n VDSL port?
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Re: New Modem Router

I sent Draytek a email and can confirm that it can handle all the VDSL profiles..


Orderd mine from Dabs used the £10 off code and got quidco cashback too total of around £190 great deal if you ask me..


They only had 2 left instock but by the time i ordered it was sold out it now says 20 coming in 1-2 days so i called them and they said they are waiting for a new delivery which is due tomorrow i could still use the voutcher and as soon as it comes in it would be dispatched so im happy as now i know i will be getting new stock!!



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