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Re: New Order - Nothing with BT is easy?

@JohnC2 - so this is looking like another unqiue BT experience - I received this note today:


Sorry, we can't yet tell you when your service will be ready



Just a quick update about your order, VOL013-XXXXXXXXXX.

We're still working with the Openreach engineering team to figure out the fastest way to get your service up and running. So, for now, there's no need to call us as we'll contact you again within 3 working days' of sending this email.

Remember, you can check the status of your order on



I think you offered to ensure this went smoothly given there is already a line and infrastructure running to the property!



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Re: New Order - Nothing with BT is easy?

Interestingly - the online system is now accepting this address for a direct Infinity+New Phone line order - I haven't done this as I don't want to confuse things - even although I am confused at the way all these BT systems and processes work!


Why would I not be able to do a new order for phone line & Infinity as part of the black friday deal but now when I repeat the process I went through originally, I am able to order a new service + Infinity directly and I am not forced to move down to ADSL.?


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