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New Phone

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am with BT and have been for several years. Up until now I have always used a Nokia however I have recently changed to a smart phone (Motorola Moto C ). The Motorola was initially my husband's and he was with Tesco mobile when he used this phone but I am using BT as I always have.

I hope I have explained that clearly enough and can anyone tell me if you know of any issues this would maybe cause? It's just that I am not receiving any pictures anyone sends me. If I do receive a picture it's actually instructions on how to access the media file through a website which I end up not being able to get on anyway. The reason I got a smartphone was so that I COULD receive pictures/videos. Does anyone know why this isn't happening and is it anything to do with the fact I'm still with BT but on a different phone or..?

Kind regards,

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