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New SIM plan not activating

I recently upgraded one of my SIM plans to 100GB a month and was told it could take up to 24 hours to activate the order and send the verification email. 

Although way over 24 hours later I’ve still received no email and no upgrade to my data plan and can’t even find anywhere on the website where I can see how it’s doing. 

Any help would be appreciated 

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Re: New SIM plan not activating

If you're upgrading an existing plan, there is no verification email, the order is raised and the allowance backdated to the start of your billing cycle.

Have you had the order confirmation yet ? if not ring 150 from your mobile and speak with the mobile support team, they'll be able to assist and see what needs done, they are closed now but open 8am until 9pm Monday to Friday

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Re: New SIM plan not activating

Yes I’m upgrading from a 4GB to a 100GB, I placed the order yesterday at 11am. I was told that within 24 hours it would have been activated, which it hasn’t, nearly 48 hours later. Once it’s activated (if it does activate)  will it start my new contract immediately (giving me my 100GB) or will I have to wait until the usual time my monthly bill would occur?

ive had no confirmation or anything through the email, I have my order number which I got at the end of the sequence of pages I went through to place my order. No email at all though, even though the page said an email was sent. I do have a screenshot of this 

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Re: New SIM plan not activating

The allowance is backdated, so in theory you already have the extra data to use.
Just ring 150 and speak with connections or the mobile support team, give them the order ref and ask for an update, possibly just a stray line item keeping the order open.

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