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Re: New TV box coming?


I've long campaigned for more info in a release date for this.

I have the top package and expect HDR capability.

It will be a real kick in the teeth if I'm not offered a favourable upgrade to the newer box, the old one is plagued by sound dropouts on live football. 

That said I'm happy to test one if available!


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Re: New TV box coming?

@4KTV Fan: "I will probable leave BT in December, too little too late."

Your regular histrionics on here won't be missed.

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Re: New TV box coming?

It is now mid March 2021, leaving all the rhetoric behind does anyone have an update on progress with the testing, delivery and expected implementation date for this desperately needed new TV box?  

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Re: New TV box coming?

@chilton55555 one of the BT employees on here made reference in another thread about the current UHD box being the only ones in customers hands. To me, this would suggest that BT staff are trialing them at home... 🤔

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Re: New TV box coming?

I've got my fingers crossed! My Sky Q box (like many others) suffers from sounds dropouts which Sky have yet to fix in almost 8 months. Looking for a great alternative. This new BT TV box sounds promising

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Re: New TV box coming?

Hi there anyone at bt can they update us on the new box that's supposed to be coming because this youview 4k box has seen better days and is so out dated its untrue , if nothing appears soon I will have to move back to sky or at least get a release date . Regards  

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Re: New TV box coming?

@Deano123 it's well documented that Humax have released an Android TV Freeview PVR with three tuners. Humax are/were the provider of the BT TV boxes. BT staff on here have made subtle references to new boxes possibly being tested at the moment but not by the public. This normally means BT staff are either testing them at home. Nothing even semi-official has been announced though..  But seeing as though Youview as a platform seems pretty much dead, is it possible they could move to Freeview Play for added functionality? But the new Humax box supports Freeview Play, Android TV, 4K and HDR with Dolby Atmos... 🤷🏻

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Re: New TV box coming?

Afraid not @Deano123
Things like this are always the same - everyone will be under NDA until the day that the product is announced to the press ... which is usually not until the day it launches.
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Re: New TV box coming?

They best get there skates on!!! I had the new humax and sold it , so many bugs it's untrue and they still haven't been sorted, tv constantly glitches even with 100% signal , screen goes blank ect, I sold it on ebay and they returned it that's how bad it was.
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Re: New TV box coming?

Any more news on dates.      To switch to BT I would need a second box and don't want to put the cabling in.  so a wifi capable box is a deal breaker

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