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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

Sorry, I can see the sort by options but recipients is not one of them
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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

I have now found the option for Sender it but you have to switch off Conversations first
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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

Sorry I had already done that as I don't like the conversations setting so I did not think about turning it off.

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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

mickjenny wrote:

why should I have to put up with Sponsered Adverts in my inbox view.

a. Because you agree to them by accepting BT's terms and conditions, which you do when you take their services.


b. Because you use webmail without an ad blocker.

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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

Okay its just taken me quite a while to read this thread and I understand there is a great deal of debate over using clients or webmail. I'd be happy to use a client however having not used one for some years now and stuck with webmail I was wondering if the client savvy ones on here may know how to achieve the following.


I use folders on webmail to store my useful stuff and never managed to get the old clients to cope with this. With the new ones mentioned can I have my folders on all of the relevant machines i am using, at present I move around a lot and with webmail I am able to access all my folders wherever I am and whatever machines I use.


In the new webmail at present I am struggling badly with the search tools and so far have been unable to get the little Search Glass tool at the end of each email item to work properly, it seems broken to me.


As for chrome and adblock it doesn't seem to be able to remove the new header email on my version - latest chrome . I tried coaxing adblock to take out various sections but to no avail.


Looking forward to finding a client that can cope with the folders I am using on webmail. any help gratefully received. 


Thanks in anticipation, especially for a solution to the 1st problem. 😉

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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

If you set up the email client as an IMAP account and not a POP account it will do what you want. Any email clent should be able to be set up as IMAP.

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Re: New Yahoo e-mail screens

Thanks Bon1001. Must confess this was the best single piece of advice we've found on this forum.


We were really struggling to get to grips with the email threads being enabled as often we could reply directly to a previously recieved email.

Email search was also just appearing in an awkward and cumbersome format.

This at least has now restored it to a semblance of what we were used to look like.

I think I know what they are trying achieve with the enabling of conversation threads but in the real world it jst ain't working for us.


We always try to embrace updates, new intefaces, etc.

But we have struggled with this BT Yahoo Email interface from the very start.

Obvioulsy there are ways of getting rid of annoying ads, but that aside I only occasionally use another email account via (Windows email). It is so more intuitive to use.


We love the simplicity of accessing our email via Webmail and/or using IMAP on several other devices to access email.

I'm not techie at all, so this is still a bit mind-boggling but having spent years trying to set up POP3 Exchange accounts for our branch offices, today's choices are so much simpler.

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