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New YouView Box - No Internet Connection



I've just received a youview box (Humax DTR-T1000 500GB) and have connected it to my home network using an ethernet cable (no powerline adaptors, netgear dgnd3700 router).


On start up it could not connect to the internet, I checked that the connection was working correctly by removing the ethernet cable from the back of the youview box and plugging it into a laptop which was able to browse the internet (wifi was disabled). I tried a few times more but ended up finishing setting up the box without an internet connection.


It's still reporting no internet connection a day on. My router shows the youview box's mac address and I can ping the box from other devices on my network all of which have internet access.


In settings - network & internet


Network connection status = connected







Wired Connection = Auto


when i click next from the wired connection page it says


"sorry, you view couldnt find your wired broadband connection please check your cables and router and try again."


No internet services are available on the box.


I've contacted youview support and they were unable to help, all they attempted was setting the ip details to manual and giving me a google public DNS server. This did not resolve the issue. I've rebooted the router, set a manual IP, static IP, reserved an address in dhcp, change the dhcp reservation, reset the youview box with no luck.


Has anyone else had any issues like this, I'm going to phone BT tonight as I can only think that there is something wrong with the box but thought I would try on here first. 


Does anyone have any idea what the youview box checks to see if it connected to the internet? 







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Re: New YouView Box - No Internet Connection

Hi dicko82,


Sorry to hear of the problems with your YouView box. Did you manage to get the problem fixed or are there still issues?

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