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New build connection issues (another 1)

Hi All


I moved into a new build flat recently and placed an order with BT for Broadband and Talk on the 8th Feb, choosing the 3rd March as an activiation date.

I checked the order tracker a few days later and it says my order has been delayed and a 'survey' needs to be done. I checked with the builders and they have installed all the necessary wires/equipment in the building to allow for a connection to be activated.


Does anyone have any idea how long these 'surveys' take and what they will be surveying? The advisor I spoke to on the phone at BT just kept repeating that a survey needs to be done and didn't really address any of my questions.


Also I only managed to find out about the delay by checking the order tracker - no contact from BT to advise of a delay!


Could someone please shed some light on this?


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Re: New build connection issues (another 1)

I was in a similar position. There was wiring to the house from the cabinet, however there were no spare pairs in the bundle from the exchange to the cabinet.

Took about 2 months for mine to be sorted.
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