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New build flat - openreach



I have just moved in to a new-build flat.  The flat has a BT socket installed but I am trying to set up my phone and broadband with Sky and have been told that the line from my flat has not yet been connected to an exchange and that BT Openreach are responsible for this.


Has anyone had a similar experience? How long should I expect to wait for the line to be connected and is there anyone I can contact?


I have been told that 4 flats (in a block of 50+) have been connected to the exchange so far but not all of them are occupied so surely they should prioritise those flats with people in?





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Re: New build flat - openreach

do you have a dialtone?


as this forum is for BT retail customers and has no contact with openreach I would suggest you contact your builder or sky to see if they can help

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Re: New build flat - openreach

Openreach will only make the connection when someone orders it.  This must be done through your phone provider, as Openreach don't deal directly with the public.  Any half-competent phone provider should be able to order the line through Openreach.


It may take a few weeks, as openreach seem to have a permanent backlog of work.  However, the delay will depend on how busy they are in your region.

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