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New build installation

Has anyone else had an absolute nightmare with BT? I moved into a new build flat on 30 November so ordered broadband on 22 November to be installed on 2 December. No one shows up on 2 December so I give them a ring, due to some error with openreach that they couldn't explain to me, they needed to raise an enquiry, they would let me know by 9 December. On 9 December they said BT could be installed but an engineer wouldn't be free until 17 December. Incredibly inconvenient as working from home due to covid.  Come 17 December (this morning) no engineer shows so I gave him a call on the number provided and he shouted at me that be wasn't working today. Phoning BT to find out what happened, on hold for 50 mins and then the line hung up. I’m literally at my wits ends...!

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Re: New build installation


Welcome to this user forum.

What broadband product did you order, was it a direct fibre into the home (FTTP) or is it going to be delivered down your phone line?

Is there a phone socket already fitted in the property?

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Re: New build installation

Me! Absolute nightmare keep being told someone will show up 4 times now and no one does, no solid communication nothing. 3 1/2 weeks now With no Wi-fi.

Also meant to have calls back no ones bothered. Been sent to offline team low and behold no call back 48 hours later. 

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